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The London Sketch Club
London Sketch Club logo.svg
Cecil Aldin - London Sketch Club invite.jpg
Invitation to one of the regular "smoking" evenings at the club
TypeClub for sketch artists
HeadquartersLondon, England

The London Sketch Club was founded by members of the Langham Sketching Club on 1 April 1898 as a social club for artists working in the field of commercial graphic art, mainly for newspapers, periodicals and books. The founder members were Dudley Hardy, Phil May, Walter Fowler, Lance Thackeray, Cecil Aldin, W Sanders Fiske, Walter Churcher, Tom Browne, George Charles Haité, its first president, and Frederick Hamilton Jackson, its first Honorary Secretary. By 1903, it had established itself in permanent premises in Wells Street. However, the club relocated to 7 Dilke Street in 1957. Members still meet each other there.[1]

Members of the Club have included John Hassall, H.M. Bateman, Salomon van Abbé, Terence Cuneo, Alfred Leete, and David Langdon.

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