Lone Star Hiking Trail

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The Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT) is a hiking trail 96 miles long with an additional 32 miles of loop and crossover trails of "foot-path only" trails. Located in the Sam Houston National Forest[1] it is the longest continuous hiking trail in the State of Texas. The trail starts just South of Richards, Texas and ends North-West of Cleveland, Texas.

The LSHT was conceived by the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club in 1966. The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) approved construction of the trail and flagging began in 1967, with the first 30 miles constructed in 1968. The Sierra Club, Boy Scouts of America, and many others were responsible for flagging and construction of the LSHT. The entire LSHT was completed and turned over to the USFS in 1972. An extension to the LSHT was approved later and completed in 1978. In 2009, the Wilderness Press published Karen Borski Somers' The Lone Star Hiking Trail: The Official Guide to the Longest Wilderness Footpath in Texas. In 2015, Sandiburg Press published the guide Plan & Go | Lone Star Hiking Trail: All you need to know to complete Texas' longest wilderness footpath.[2]


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