Long Lake Dam

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Long Lake Dam
Long Lake Dam.jpg
Country United States
Location Lincoln / Stevens counties, Washington
Coordinates 47°50′14″N 117°50′23″W / 47.83722°N 117.83972°W / 47.83722; -117.83972Coordinates: 47°50′14″N 117°50′23″W / 47.83722°N 117.83972°W / 47.83722; -117.83972
Opening date 1915
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Concrete gravity
Height 213 ft (65 m)
Length 593 ft (181 m)
Creates Long Lake
Total capacity 105,000 acre⋅ft (130,000,000 m3)
Power Station
Turbines 4x Francis
Installed capacity 71 MW

Long Lake Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Spokane River, between Lincoln County and Stevens County about 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Spokane in eastern Washington. It forms Long Lake (Washington), a 23.5 mi (37.8 km) long reservoir, and has a hydroelectric generating capacity of 71 megawatts.[1] The dam was built by Washington Water Power (now Avista Utilities), which operates five other dams along the Spokane.[2]

Upon its completion in 1915, Long Lake Dam completely blocked salmon migrations to the upper portions of the Spokane River watershed, although much larger Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River extirpated salmon from the entire Spokane basin by 1942.[3] The power plant was entered onto the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

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