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This is an almost complete list of the main characters of seaQuest DSV season 2. The series went through significant cast changes after every season it was on the air. This list contains only those characters that were given credit in the main titles of the second season, therefore it does not contain characters such as Admiral Noyce (which is located at List of recurring characters on seaQuest DSV) or characters who first appeared in the first season such as Commander Jonathan Ford (which is located at Main characters of seaQuest DSV season 1).

Second season cast.

Second season main characters[edit]

Dr. Wendy Smith[edit]

Wendy Smith
First appearance "Daggers" (09/18/1994)
Last appearance By production order: "Splashdown" (05/21/1995)
By broadcast order: "Blindsided" (09/13/1995)
Created by Jonathan Falls
Portrayed by Rosalind Allen
Gender Female
Occupation Chief Medical Officer aboard
seaQuest DSV 4600
Head of Science Department
Title Doctor
Relatives Admiral Lexington Fisher-Smith (mother)
Nationality American

Wendy came aboard the seaQuest DSV 4600 II in 2021 after the first seaQuest had been destroyed by Captain Nathan Bridger the previous year in an attempt to seal a lava pool that threatened to melt the world's polar caps.[1] When Dr. Kristin Westphalen elected not to sign aboard the new seaQuest, Dr. Smith won the most coveted medical position in the UEO that of the chief medical officer of the flagship.

A doctor of all trades, Wendy only took her residency in psychiatry; with a Ph.D in biophysics; although her passion was parapsychology. Discovering that she had a high psi-factor as a child, Wendy found that she could sense the thoughts and emotions of the people around her. Calling it her "sixth sense", she sometimes wished she didn't have the talent, but usually used it to her advantage, although, she swore that she never probed anyone's thoughts without their permission.[2]

Wendy came from a navy family with both her mother and grandmother serving. Captain Bridger had, not only served under her mother, Lexington Fisher-Smith (aka "Sexy-Lexy Smith"), but also pursued a brief romantic involvement with her before ultimately ending the relationship. However, Bridger's prior interest in her mother didn't stop the captain from developing feelings for Wendy. At first, Wendy resisted the relationship and considered transferring off of seaQuest due to the scandal a relationship with the ship's captain would no doubt present, but, after convincing from both Bridger and Lucas Wolenczak, Wendy decided to remain aboard the ship.[3]

Prior to her relationship with Bridger, Wendy had engaged in a relationship with Clay Marshall, director of a parapsychology facility, who helped her develop her telepathic sense, however, the relationship eventually ended. When Tony Piccolo and Dagwood mysteriously shared a nightmare, Wendy took them to be examined by Marshall. However, Clay had been cybernetically augmented in the years following their relationship and required sentium available in the seaQuest's missiles as blood. Desperate to get the material, Marshall used his previous relationship with Smith to help gain access to the seaQuest, however, he was ultimately foiled.

On May 14, 2022, Wendy, along with the rest of the seaQuest crew were transported to the far distant planet Hyperion, tricked into becoming participants in the Hyperion civil war. Wendy was part of the away team sent from seaQuest to destroy the KrayTak mothership and was able to confirm that Tobias LeConte, who had been captured by the KrayTaks, was the genuine article, not a Stormer clone. With the seaQuest hulled by a barrier mine and their shuttle destroyed, the team looked to be doomed. With no other choice, Captain Bridger activated explosive charges and destroyed the mothership, taking the away team with it.[4]

Although the Hyperion rebels were somehow able to save the majority of the seaQuest crew, as well as repair the critical damage to the ship and return them all to Earth, it's assumed that Smith was not able to be saved and ultimately perished on Hyperion though her character is never referred to by name.[5]


Dr. Smith was portrayed by actress Rosalind Allen and was Stephanie Beacham's replacement after she opted not to return for the second season of the show. Allen's character has been a point of criticism from many fans of the show as her character's psychic and telepathic abilities helped to push seaQuest DSV away from reality-based fiction to heavy science-fiction and fantasy.

The character of Dr. Smith was originally two different characters; Diane Page, a 35-year-old African American Ph.D and Wendy Woo, a 25-year-old M.D.. The producers of the show originally wanted Tamara Tunie and Kelly Hu respectively.[6]

Kathy Evison originally auditioned for the role of Dr. Smith. Although she didn't get the role of Dr. Smith, the producers liked her and created a new character, Lonnie Henderson, for her to play.

The episode "Alone", which focused extensively on Dr. Smith's powers, infuriated actor Edward Kerr (Brody) to the point that he stormed off the set and did not appear in the episode.

Allen's character was eventually written out of the series at the end of the second season as the series began to progress back towards more reality based episodes in the third season.

Lieutenant James Brody[edit]

James Brody
First appearance "Daggers" (09/18/1994)
Last appearance "SpinDrift" (11/08/1996)
Portrayed by Edward Kerr
Occupation Tactical officer of the
seaQuest DSV 4600-II
Title Lieutenant
Nationality American

When Brody was three years old, his mother was involved in a murder cover-up at the (accidental) hands of Franklin Thomas. Contracting the P-Core A virus, Brody's mother was placed in cryogenic suspension and he was sent to live with his grandparents, who "let (him) get away with murder.[7] After joining the navy, Brody led a stealth invasion during the North Korean Crisis in 2010, which Captain Bridger considered to be a "nifty piece of work."

Assigned to the G.E.L.F. colony prison island, Brody began to sense subtle changes in the behavior of the G.E.L.F.s, finally culminating in their uprising and seizure of the colony. Brody, however, was able to escape and was picked up by the seaQuest, after which the crisis had ended, he joined the crew as tactical officer.[2] As tactical officer, Brody led most away missions into hostile environments and manned the weapons console when Commander Ford was in command.

When Brody's mother awoke from her cryogenic suspension, she sought out her son, who took her aboard the seaQuest to shield her away from assassins plotting to kill her, hired by General Thomas, to protect his career. Ultimately, Brody was able to apprehend Thomas, allowing his mother to return to cryo-stasis, secure in the knowledge that when she awoke again, she would have nothing to fear. He also promised his mother that he would be with her again when she was revived.[7]

When the seaQuest was abducted to the planet Hyperion in 2022, Brody was wounded while part of an away team sent into the Hyperion mothership intent on destroying it. Brody, along with the rest of the away team, were apparently destroyed along with the ship after Captain Bridger detonated an explosive attached to the ship's plasma core, but was able to be rescued by the Hyperion rebels and returned to Earth with the majority of the crew by the year 2032.[4]

Brody butted heads with the seaQuest's new captain, Oliver Hudson, played by Michael Ironside, who apparently favored his personal student, Lieutenant Fredericks, over Brody. However, when President Alexander Bourne and Larry Deon conspired to gain control of Fredericks' psyche-implant, Brody was able to learn the truth and inform Captain Hudson, saving both Fredericks and Secretary General McGath, whom she was being manipulated to assassinate.[8]

At some point in his life, Brody sired a child with a woman. However, being a career-military and a private man, Brody never told any of the seaQuest crew of that aspect of his life. He himself only found out about the then 10-year-old child after the ship returned from Hyperion and the mother of the child decided to contact him after one of her parents had recently died.[9]

Brody ultimately died later that year in a rescue mission to save Lieutenant Henderson from a Macronesian death sentence. His last words were "With your shield or on it."[9]


Brody was played by Edward Kerr and was named after Police Chief Martin Brody (played by Roy Scheider) in Jaws. Brody was Chief Crocker's replacement, both on the show and on the ship (after Royce D. Applegate was released from the show and Chief Crocker retired from the navy). Kerr was not fond with the content of the episode "Alone" and refused to appear in it. Frustrated with the direction of the show and afraid that the series would hurt his career, Kerr requested to exit the show along with Scheider. NBC granted him his release as well, under the provision that he continue to play Brody for a few episodes into the third season so his character could be killed off for dramatic impact.

The two actors originally considered for the role of Brody were Dan Gauthier and Paul Gross.[6]

Warrant Officer Anthony Piccolo[edit]

Tony Piccolo
First appearance "Daggers" (09/18/1994)
Last appearance "Weapons of War" (6/9/1996)
Portrayed by Michael DeLuise
Gender Male
Title Seaman, Petty Officer, and later Warrant Officer
Family Nick Piccolo (father)
Marie Piccolo (mother)
Nationality American

Anthony Piccolo first boarded the seaQuest as a Seaman in the episode Daggers, the first seaQuest DSV episode of the Second Season. He was an experimental ex con, let out from prison on an early release program where they conducted science experiments on volunteers. Piccolo was offered and then received a pair of genetically altered gills, allowing him to breathe underwater like a fish. He was put on seaQuest because that's where the parole board thought he would be most useful.

At first he was rebellious, and attempted escape shortly after boarding, but soon was bunked with Lucas Wolenczak, and though they first irritated one another, they soon became friends. Piccolo was originally from New York City and his wise crack Italian humor often relieved tense situations and gained him popularity, though he was often teased light heartedly among the crew. He enjoyed showing off his talents in gambling and playing the piano, and was a big Elvis fan.

He also was dyslexic which caused him to struggle when he decided to apply for the Officer Candidate School, in the third season of seaQuest. Lt Lonnie Henderson, who had already passed the program, tutored him. Although he didn't pass the test Capt. Hudson was impressed with the effort he put into it and promoted him to the rank of Warrant Officer, which let him continue to qualify for Sub Fighter training under Lt. Fredericks.


Tony Piccolo was played by Michael DeLuise. In the first season Lucas had a little brother relationship with Krieg, for this season Lucas became the mentor to Piccolo, and empathized on his family problems since he too came from a broken family. One of Picollos most important aspects, according to Producer Carleton Eastlake, is "he´s also the most human of the whole crew, because he´s really very unsophisticated."[10] DeLuise was on the original short list for the part of Piccolo, along with Max Perlich.

Lieutenant JG Lonnie Henderson[edit]

Lonnie Henderson
First appearance "Daggers" (09/18/1994)
Last appearance "Weapons of War" (06/09/1996)
Portrayed by Kathy Evison
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Helmsman and Chief Engineer of the
seaQuest DSV 4600-II
Title Seaman and later Lieutenant JG
Children None
Nationality American

Lieutenant Lenore "Lonnie" Ellen Henderson signed aboard the seaQuest DSV-II as a helmsman in 2021. As a first generation naval officer, she was a bit rough around the edges in terms of proper protocol. She successfully was able to smuggle her stuffed bear Addison aboard seaQuest, much to the consternation of Commander Ford.

Henderson initially showed an interest in Lieutenant O'Neill and the two spent some shore leave together. However, O'Neill was uncomfortable dating someone he served with and the two remained just friends. She also offered herself to Lucas Wolenczak when it was believed that he was going to die in a subterranean cavern. Lonnie was mistaken for Medusa by Neptune, the God of the Sea. She was also captured and possessed by an alien Stormer when it hatched itself aboard the seaQuest. The Stormer attempted to use Henderson's form to get close to Professor Tobias LeConte, but, Tobias was able to see through the alien's ruse and Henderson was set free.

When seaQuest returned to Earth in 2032, she began a romantic relationship with Commander Ford, while simultaneously trying to help Tony Piccolo overcome his dyslexia. This led to jealously between Ford and Piccolo, but, Henderson ultimately chose Ford. In an attempt to save two Spindrift children from Macronesia, Henderson was captured and held prisoner by Macronesia. President Alexander Bourne wanted to use her to humiliate the UEO and allowed her to be put up for execution. She was rescued by a seaQuest team, but, it cost the life of Lieutenant James Brody.

While on a mission to the Tartarus Federation, Henderson became aware that her first lover, Jason Pardee, appeared to be imprisoned there wrongfully. She attempted to help him, but, in the process, accidentally incited a prison revolt that allowed Mason Freeman and Pardee to take a group of researchers at Osiris Base as well as Ensign Wolenczak and her hostage. In the ensuing escape, Henderson was forced to kill her former lover. The incident shook her faith in love and ended her relationship with Commander Ford.


Henderson was portrayed by actress Kathy Evison, who had originally auditioned for the role of Dr. Wendy Smith. While not scoring the role of Dr. Smith, the producers created the role of Henderson for Evison. As a result, her character was not in the first few scripts of season 2 and had to be hastily inserted wherever possible.


First appearance "Daggers" (09/18/1994)
Last appearance "Weapons of War" (04/29/1995)
Portrayed by Peter DeLuise
Nickname(s) Dag
Species G.E.L.F. (Genetically Engineered Life Form)
Gender Male
Occupation Head janitor of the
seaQuest DSV 4600-II
Title Seaman

Dagwood was the prototype G.E.L.F. (Genetically Engineered Life Form) He originally did not have a name, yet adopted the name "Dagwood" (a joke), since G.E.L.F.s were also known as "Daggers." Dagwood was the imperfect prototype Dagger, intended as a supersoldier, but reassigned to custodial duties, eventually being placed aboard the new seaQuest DSV in 2021. He proved his worth to the seaQuest crew almost immediately when he saved Lieutenant O'Neill's life by lifting a large turbine which collapsed on top of him. He was also able to convince Mariah, leader of the G.E.L.F. uprising that the G.E.L.F. baby was in fact a human. Dagwood is very useful when it comes to using his great strength. Although he doesn't speak very much and is a slow learner, he is always willing to help the crew on assignments.

Dagwood was convicted of the murder of his creator and sentenced to life imprisonment. As it turned out, the murder had in fact been perpetrated by another G.E.L.F. prototype who looked identical to him. Dagwood was able to destroy his doppelganger and clear his name.

When Captain Hudson assumed command of the seaQuest in 2032, Dagwood had to again prove his worth to the new captain, as Hudson had decreed that there would be no civilians aboard seaQuest. He was able to temporarily stop Ben Krieg's attack on the seaQuest shore party by braving the weapon fire and approaching Krieg personally. Hudson rewarded him with a naval commission and a seaQuest uniform.

Dagwood was part of the infiltration team led by Captain Bridger to the Macronesian outpost on Banaba Island where a UEO scientist had performed crimes against humanity by experimenting and torturing live G.E.L.F.s. Dagwood was outraged, as he had always disbelieved the G.E.L.F. opinion that humans had tortured his people and ultimately destroyed the remaining research.


Dagwood was portrayed by Peter DeLuise. He had previously portrayed the character "Whiggins" in the first season episode "Whale Song".


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