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Lorenza Ponce is an American violinist, string arranger. She has recorded six albums of her own music and is well known for her collaborative and supporting roles with other musicians, most notably as a touring musician with Sheryl Crow, The Dixie Chicks,[1] Kitaro,[2] Ben Folds Five, Hall and Oates, Bon Jovi[3] and a member of the Jon Bon Jovi (solo) acoustic group.[2]

Notable Live Performance Collaborations[edit]

Adele                Live In New York City- violin
Katy Perry           Harpers Bazaar ICONS-violin
Sam Smith            US Promotion and Television- violin/string contractor
Bon Jovi             Lost Highway World Tour – violin, viola, vocals
Bon Jovi             Live in Central Park - violin/vocals/viola        
Hall & Oates         US/Canada Tour – violin/string leader
Sheryl Crow          Wildflower US/Canada Tour – string arranger, violin 
The Dixie Chicks     Top of the World Tour – string arranger, violin 
Neil Young           The Bridge School Benefit - violin
Sheryl Crow          World Tour – string arranger, violin, guitar 
Sarah McLachlan      Lilith Fair – violin xx
John Tesh            US Tour violin/vocals
Ben Folds Five       Horde Tour – violin 
Kitaro               World Tour – featured violinist
Debbie Harry         CBGB - violin

Recording/String Arranger[edit]

Bon Jovi  "Blind Love"  (on the album "Burning Bridges") string arrangement/violin/viola/cello
Carly Simon ‘You Don’t Know Hurt’ (on the album Listen by Our Time Theater Company) string arrangement/violin
Megan McCauley Better Than Blood string arrangement/contractor/conductor
The Cringe  Tipping Point string arrangements/contractor/conductor
Bon Jovi MTV Unplugged string arrangement “Livin’ On A Prayer,” violin/vocals/viola/ string contractor
Dixie Chicks Mary Had A Little Amp “Rainbow Connection” string arranger/violin
Dixie Chicks Top Of The World string arranger/leader/violin
Sheryl Crow C'mon C'mon string arrangements/conductor/violin
Dixie Chicks Home “Landslide” single string arrangement/leader/violin
Sheryl Crow I Am Sam Soundtrack  “Mother Nature’s Son” string arrangement/leader/violin
John Tesh One World PBS Special - violin/vocals


  • Christmas World! Melodia Records
  • Soul Shifter Melodia Records
  • The Song of Songs Spring Hill Music
  • The Instrumentals Melodia Records
  • Mystic Fiddler Melodia Records
  • Imago EMI/Angel Records

Soundtrack Contributions[edit]

Cool Women Warner Entertainment Beloved From Mystic Fiddler
Lani Loa Chrome Dragon Films Salvation From Imago
Swift Justice UPN The Road to Hasedera From Imago


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