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Loreto House
Loreto House.jpg
7, Middleton Row, Kolkata, India
Type Primary, Secondary
Established 1842
Principal Sr. Nirmala Arul
Gender Female
Houses Gandhi (Brown), Keller (Red), Kennedy (Yellow), Mary Ward (Mauve), Naidu (Blue), Tagore (Green)
Color(s) Red, White and Blue
Athletics Basketball, Throwball, Badminton, Cricket, Baseball, etc

Loreto House was established in 1842 in Calcutta, by the Sisters of Loreto belonging to the institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the oldest and the first Loreto institution to be established in India and was one of the few all-girls Catholic schools of that time.

The School started with sixty students who were taught at a house where nuns resided under Mother Delphine Hart, assisted by Sr. Teresa Mons and Sr. Martina McCann.[1]

The School was initially established for the education of Catholic girls. However, it has long admitted students of many religious beliefs.[1]

Mary Ward
School Crest

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