Los Restos Indígenas de Pichilemu

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The Indigenous Remains of Pichilemu
Los Restos Indígenas de Pichilemu (1908).JPG
Author José Toribio Medina
Original title Los Restos Indígenas de Pichilemu
Country Chile
Language Spanish
Subject History of Pichilemu, History of Chile, Archaeology[1]
Publisher Imprenta Cervantes
Publication date
Pages 13

Los Restos Indígenas de Pichilemu (English: The Indigenous Remains of Pichilemu) was a 1908 book published by Chilean historiographer José Toribio Medina.

One of Medina's sheet, published originally in the book.

Medina presents a report of his examination to indigenous rests found in a Pichilemu grotto (currently named Virgin's GrottoSpanish: Gruta de la Virgen) by Agustín Ross and Evaristo Merino in 1908. The book contains two sheets, that show some tools that Promoucaes indigenous used.

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