Louis Muhlinghaus

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Louis Muhlinghaus
1st General Secretary of FIFA
In office
Preceded by Position created
Succeeded by Carl Anton Wilhelm Hirschman
Personal details
Born Louis Muhlinghaus
Died Belgium
Nationality Belgian
Occupation Football administrator

Louis Muhlinghaus (1870-1915) (born in Brussels Belgium) was the 1st General Secretary of FIFA, serving from 1904 to 1906. Muhlinghaus got involved in football through his association with the Racing Club de Bruxelles. In 1895 he took the initiative to help found the UBSSA, the precursor of the Belgian Football Association. In 1904, after an international between Belgium and France in Ukkel, he convinced his French counterpart to found an international Football Association. Muhlinghaus became its first secretary and treasurer. He was also the first person, in 1905, to propose the idea of an international competition for national teams. This prototype world cup did not materialize, which partly led to his resignation as secretary-treasurer. He however continued to attend the yearly FIFA-congresses held throughout Europe. According to some sources, he died in 1915.