Louth Bay, South Australia

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Louth Bay
South Australia
Louth Bay is located in South Australia
Louth Bay
Louth Bay
Coordinates34°32′41″S 135°55′47″E / 34.544636°S 135.929811°E / -34.544636; 135.929811Coordinates: 34°32′41″S 135°55′47″E / 34.544636°S 135.929811°E / -34.544636; 135.929811[1]
Established24 June 1909 (town)[1]
16 October 2003 (locality)[1]
LGA(s)District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula[1]
RegionEyre Western[1]
State electorate(s)Flinders[3]
Federal Division(s)Grey[4]
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfall
21.2 °C
70 °F
11.3 °C
52 °F
383.2 mm
15.1 in
Localities around Louth Bay:
Whites Flat Whites River Whites River
Whites Flat Louth Bay Spencer Gulf
Poonindie Poonindie Spencer Gulf
Adjoining localities[1]

Louth Bay (formerly Laurence) is a town and locality in the Australian state of South Australia.[1] It is named after the bay named by Matthew Flinders on 26 February 1802 which itself is derived from a place in Lincolnshire.[1] At the 2006 census, Louth Bay had a population of 408.[6]

A town was surveyed in March 1909 and proclaimed on 24 June 1909. It was named 'Laurence’ after Laurence O'Loughlin, a South Australian politician. In November 1940, the District Council of Lincoln formally endorsed a recommendation to rename the town ‘Louth Bay’ in order to be in line with common use. The name change was gazetted on 20 February 1941. Boundaries were created in October 2003 for a locality with the name ‘Louth Bay and which included the site of Government Town of Louth Bay.[7][1][8]

Aquaculture is an important industry for Louth Bay, though fishermen and local residents are concerned about stock escapees and pollution impacts from existing operations. Concerns included algal growth and seagrass degradation, plastic pollution and the loss of amenity.[9][10]

Louth Island is a large privately owned island located within Louth Bay. 3km to the south east of Louth Island lies the smaller Rabbit Island, which is part of the Lincoln National Park.


On 12 February 2007 Phillip Kerkhof wrestled a 1.3 metre long Bronze whaler shark in Louth Bay, catching it and dragging it onto the jetty before cheering fishermen. He admitted to being drunk at the time and recommended that others not engage in such activities.[11][12][13][14]

On 21 August 2014 the decapitated bodies of two New Zealand fur seals were found near Louth Bay. The circumstances surrounding their death were considered suspicious and an investigation was undertaken.[15]

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