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Volga Region (Russian: Поволжье, Povolzhye, literally: "along the Volga") is a historical region in Russia that encompasses territories adjacent to the flow of the Volga River. It is usually classified[by whom?] into:[citation needed]

  • the Upper Volga Region
  • the Middle Volga Region (approximately from the mouth of the Oka to the mouth of the Kama)
  • the Lower Volga Region

Another notable distinction contrasts the elevated right-bank side (featuring the Volga Upland) and the left bank side or Trans-Volga Region, Transvolga (Russian: Заволжье, Zavolzhye), which consists of the elevated High Transvolga and the lowland Low Transvolga.[citation needed]

Idel-Ural region is also defined within Povolzhye.

In the modern Russian Federation, the Volga Region is associated with the Volga Federal District and with Volga economic region (two different entities).[citation needed]

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