Lužnice (river)

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Výhled na jez.jpg
The Lužnice near Bechyně
Countries Czech Republic, Austria
 - right Nežárka
Cities Soběslav, Tábor
 - location Gratzen Mountains, Austria
 - elevation 970 m (3,182 ft)
 - coordinates 48°35′50.6″N 14°43′54″E / 48.597389°N 14.73167°E / 48.597389; 14.73167
Mouth Vltava
 - coordinates 49°13′49.7″N 14°23′21″E / 49.230472°N 14.38917°E / 49.230472; 14.38917Coordinates: 49°13′49.7″N 14°23′21″E / 49.230472°N 14.38917°E / 49.230472; 14.38917
Length 197.4[1] km (123 mi)
Basin 4,226.2 km2 (1,632 sq mi)
Discharge mouth
 - average 24.3 m3/s (858 cu ft/s)
Progression VltavaElbeNorth Sea
Lužnice River (CZE) - location and watershed map.svg
The Lužnice and its watershed until it enters the Vltava (magenta)

The Lužnice (Czech pronunciation: [ˈluʒɲɪtsɛ] (About this sound listen); German: Lainsitz) is a river in the Czech Republic (204 km) starting in Austria (4 km). It flows into the Vltava river in Týn nad Vltavou (approximately 50 km north of České Budějovice). The river drains 4,226 square kilometers.

The river was first mentioned in sources in the year 1179. The name was derived from an old Czech word for water flowing through meadows.[citation needed]

Several places on the river are popular destinations for recreation and canoeing.

Towns and cities on the Lužnice river[edit]


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