Luleå Cathedral

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Luleå Cathedral
Luleå domkyrka
Lulea Kirche, modified.jpg
Coordinates: 65°34′58″N 22°08′56″E / 65.58278°N 22.14889°E / 65.58278; 22.14889
Location Luleå
Country Sweden
Denomination Church of Sweden
Former name(s) Oscar Fredrik Church
Founded 1893 (1893)[1]
Status Cathedral, Parish church
Functional status Active
Style Gothic Revival
Length 54 m (177 ft)[1]
Width 35 m (115 ft)[1]
Height about 60 m (200 ft)[1]
Parish Luleå Cathedral Parish
Diocese Diocese of Luleå
Bishop(s) Hans Stiglund
Provost Charlott Rehnman

Luleå Cathedral (Swedish: Luleå domkyrka) in Luleå, Sweden, serves the Diocese of Luleå and the local Church of Sweden parish, Luleå Cathedral Parish (Luleå domkyrkoförsamling).

It was consecrated in 1893. The church was originally named Oscar Fredrik Church (Oscar Fredriks kyrka), after the King Oscar (Fredrik) II. It became cathedral when the Diocese of Luleå was formed in 1904.[2]


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