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Lyceum International School
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Nugegoda, Panadura, Wattala, Ratnapura, Gampaha, Kandana, Nuwara Eliya, Anuradhapura, Bandarawela & Kurunegala
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Type International School
Motto Know Thyself
Established 14 June 1993
Grades Lower Nursery To Grade 12 (Upper Sixth)
Gender Mixed
Age 2 1/2 to 18
Color(s) Blue Silver

The Lyceum International School, popularly known as LIS, is a private International school providing primary and secondary education in Sri Lanka. It is one of Sri Lanka's most prestigious private schools.

Lyceum International School Nugegoda (LN)[edit]

Founded by Mr. Mohan Lal Grero on 14 June 1993, Lyceum International School, Nugegoda initiated from simple beginnings with 7 students and 5 teachers. Mr. Mohan Lal Grero's dreams and achievements has taken it to great heights. The motto is derived from the Ancient Greek aphorism "Know Thyself" a Delphic Maxim which is inscribed in the pronaos of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, Greece.Today Lyceum is one of the most prestigious international schools in Sri Lanka spearheaded by the parent school in Nugegoda and nine branch schools in Kandana(LK), Panadura(LP), Wattala(LW), Ratnapura(LR), Gampaha(LG), Nuwara Eliya(LE), Anuradhapura(LA), Bandarawela(LB) and Kurunegala(LK)bekagama (LB)


Lyceum Academy for higher education was founded by its managing director Mr. Mohan Lal Grero on 7 September 1989. This was situated at Raymond road Nugegoda where the present campus stands. At that time Lyceum had only two class rooms and the organization had only external students.

The Lyceum International School at Nugegoda commenced on 14 June 1993 with only 7 students and 5 teachers. Lyceum currently is one of the largest International Schools in the island with branch schools located throughout the island including: Nugegoda (Parent School), Kandana, Panadura, Wattala, Ratnapura, Gampaha, Nuwara Eliya, Anuradhapura, Bandarawela and Kurunegala.


Lyceum International is a highly academically oriented school that provides its student body with the unique exposure to both educational and social as well as physical abilities by offering them an innovative array of subject choices,as well as giving them the opportunity and encouraging them to participate in any extra curricular activities of their choice. In the academical level, Lyceum prepares its senior school students to sit for the Cambridge International Examinations for their Ordinary Levels and Advanced Level Examinations endorsed by the University of Cambridge UK. Lyceum has produced some of the best results in the country with several students obtaining world best results for subjects including Human Biology and English Literature and others obtaining island best for quite a number of subjects. Also since the year 2010, Lyceum has begun to follow a new syllabus in addition to the Cambridge Syllabus where the students are able to join the National O/L or A/L class where they receive the ability to apply for either a foreign university of their choice or are able to join a local university depending on their procured results at the GCE Advanced Level Examination.


MUN(MODEL UNITED NATIONS CLUB) Lyceum is an annual participant of COMUN (Colombo Model United Nations) and SLMUN (Sri Lanka Model United Nations) and the lyceum delegation has won the best school and best delegation award in the COMUN 2011 Conference along with several other awards and has also been runners up in most of the previous conferences.Lyceum International School Wattala Branch also has participated in COMUN 2012 Conference winning GA2 Best Delegate Award and also a Honorary Mention in the Committee of ECOSOC. Lyceum International School Nugegoda Branch annually Hosts LISMUN Conference.

INTER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS ATHLETICS Lyceum received the first place in the inter international schools swimming meet in the year 2011 after being runners up in the year 2010. Lyceum also won 2012,2013 inter international schools athletic meets.

Dramas and musicals Lyceum Nugegoda Brags many awards for dramas mainly done for all island competitions. Lyceum Nugegoda also Had their very own "musical" of the high grossing animated movie Rio

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