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This article is about the set of software. For the biology term, see Microbe-associated molecular pattern.

MAMP is a solution stack composed of free and open-source and proprietary commercial software used together to run dynamic web sites on Apple Macintosh computers. MAMP is an acronym of macOS, the operating system; Apache, the web server; MySQL, the database management system; and PHP, Perl, or Python, all programming languages used for web development.

Operating system macOS
Web server Apache | Nginx
Database management system MySQL
Web development PHP/Perl/Python

Any open source Web platform made up of these software programs and built upon macOS is a MAMP. MAMP is based on a similar software bundle for Linux called LAMP. Various "AMP" packages exist for many different operating systems.

Though originally only Apache was integrated into Mac OS X, MAMP has become popular because it is free and because of the ubiquity of its components, and Mac OS X 10.5 and above ships with PHP and is MySQL-ready. When used in combination it supports application servers. MAMP may also be used with popular CMS programs like Drupal for setting up a local development environment.[1][2]

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