Ma jeunesse fout le camp...

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Ma jeunesse fout le camp…
Studio album by Françoise Hardy
Released 1967 (France)
Recorded Paris, France
Studio Pye, London, United Kingdom
Genre French pop
Length 31:30
Language French
Label Disques Vogue
Producer Asparagus Production:
  • Françoise Hardy
  • Jacques Wolfsohn
  • Léon Cabat
Françoise Hardy chronology
La maison où j'ai grandi
(1966)La maison où j'ai grandi1966
Ma jeunesse fout le camp…
En anglais
(1968)En anglais1968
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]

Ma jeunesse fout le camp… is a studio album by the French popular singer Françoise Hardy. Released in France in November 1967, on LP, Production Asparagus/Disques Vogue/Vogue international industries (CLD 720). The title is very idiomatic, but it in English its general meaning is 'My youth is slipping away'.

This album was the first produced by Hardy's own production company, Asparagus Productions. Manufacturing and distribution were still handled by Disques Vogue.[2]

Track list[edit]

Except as noted, words and music were written by Françoise Hardy, and she is accompanied by the Charles Blackwell orchestra.[3]

  1. "Ma jeunesse fout le camp" – 3:05
    Lyrics and music written by: Guy Bontempelli
    First performed by: Michèle Arnaud, 1962
  2. "Viens là" – 2:25
  3. "Mon amour adieu" – 2:20
    Music written by: Hasell[4]
  4. "La Fin de l’été" – 2:35
    Original title: "À la fin de l’été… (Tu sais)"
    Lyrics by: Jean-Max Rivière
    Music written by: Gérard Bourgeois
    First performed by: Brigitte Bardot, 1964
  5. "En vous aimant bien" – 2:15
    Accompanied by: John Paul Jones
  6. "Qui peut dire?" – 2:05
    Accompanied by: Jacques Dutronc
  7. "Des ronds dans l'eau" – 2:25
    Lyrics by: Pierre Barouh
    Music written by: Raymond Le Sénéchal
    First performed by: Nicole Croisille and Annie Girardot, 1967[5]
  8. "Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux" – 2:20
    Lyrics: poem by Louis Aragon
    Music written by: Georges Brassens
    First performed by: Georges Brassens, 1953
  9. "Il est trop loin" – 3:40
    Original title: "Sorrow"
    Lyrics and music written by: Peter Yarrow and Noel “Paul” Stookey
    First performed by: Peter, Paul and Mary, 1962
    French adaptation by: Daniel Hortis and Danyel Gérard[6]
  10. "Mais il y a des soirs" – 2:10
    Accompanied by: John Paul Jones
  11. "Voilà" – 3:20
    Accompanied by: Jacques Denjean
  12. "C’était charmant" – 1:55


LP records: first editions in the English-speaking world[edit]

Reissue on CD[edit]

Notes and references[edit]

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