Made in Twenty (20)

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Made in Twenty (20)
Studio album by
Released17 January 2007
Recorded2006 / 2007
LabelAvex Trax
BoA chronology
Made in Twenty (20)
The Face
Singles from Made in Twenty (20)
  1. "Nanairo no Ashita: Brand New Beat / Your Color"
    Released: 5 April 2006
  2. "Key of Heart / Dotch"
    Released: 9 August 2006
  3. "Winter Love"
    Released: 1 November 2006
Alternative Cover

Made in Twenty (20) is the fifth studio album by South Korean pop singer BoA. It was released on 17 January 2007 on Avex Trax. The title of the album refers to the fact that this is her first album since leaving her teenage years and her first album made in her 20s - specifically, when she was twenty years old. The album debuted with first-week sales of 182,009 copies, debuting at #1.

Track listing[edit]

CD only[edit]

  1. "Lady Galaxy"
  2. "七色の明日 Brand New Beat (Nanairo no Ashita: Brand New Beat) (A Tomorrow of Seven Colors ~brand new beat~)"
  3. "Winter Love"
  4. "Still"
  5. "So Real"
  6. "Key of Heart"
  7. "Our Love: To My Parents"
  8. "No More Make Me Sick"
  9. "Revolution-code:1986-1105" feat.RAH-D
  10. "Your Color"
  11. "Prayer"
  12. "Candle Lights"
  13. "Gracious Days"
  14. "Last Christmas" (Bonus Track)
  15. "Winter Love" (Live ver.) *

* Bonus track only available on 1st press CD version.



  1. Nanaira no ashita: Brand New Beat PV
  2. Key of Heart PV
  3. Winter Love PV

BoA The Live

  1. Listen to My Heart
  2. Valenti
  3. soundscape
  4. Ain't No Sunshine
  5. Make a Secret
  6. Moon & Sunrise
  7. Winter Love
  8. Merikuri
  9. Nanairo no ashita: Brand New Beat~※
  10. Everlasting※
  • ※:Bonus track for 1st press only

Charts and sales[edit]

Made in Twenty (20) debuted at the top of the Oricon Daily Album Charts and held the position for all seven days of the week, until debuting at number one at the Oricon Weekly Album Charts. However, its first-week sales were then the lowest in BoA's career in Japan, as the album sold 182,009 copies in its debut week (its successor The Face sold fewer copies in its debut week). Despite its low sales if comparing with previous efforts, Made in Twenty (20) did more than enough to top the chart, outselling the number two spot (which was also held by another new entry that week) for 138,034 copies.

Oricon sales charts (Japan)[edit]

Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
17 January 2007 Oricon Daily Albums Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 1 182,009 348,093 18
Oricon Monthly Albums Chart 3
Oricon Yearly Albums Chart 31


Date Title Peak Position Sales
5 April 2006 Nanairo no Ashita: Brand New Beat / Your Color 3 90,936
9 August 2006 Key of Heart /Dotch 7 40,943
1 November 2006 Winter Love 2 99,078

Korean monthly charts (South Korea)[edit]

Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
January 21, 2007 Korean Monthly Chart 1 15,972 3 month +


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