Madison Elementary School (Davenport, Iowa)

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Madison Elementary School
Madison Elementary School, Davenport 2.jpg
Location 116 East Locust, Davenport, Iowa
Area 3.4 acres (1.4 ha)
Built 1940 and 1953
Architect Ebeling, Arthur, H. ; Willis, T.S., General Contractor
Architectural style(s) Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals; Collegiate Gothic; Other
Governing body Local

Madison Elementary School is a property in Davenport, Iowa that was nominated for, and possibly listed on, the National Register of Historic Places in September 9, 2002, with reference number 02001226.[1]

It was built or has other significance in 1940 and 1953.[1]

It was designed and/or built by Ebeling, Arthur, H. and Willis, T.S., General Contractor.[1]

It includes Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals, Collegiate Gothic, and other architecture.[1]

When listed the property included one contributing building.[1]

The listing is for an area of 3.4 acres (1.4 ha).[1]

The property was covered in a study of Public Schools for Iowa: Growth and Change MPS[2]

Its listing status is DR, which means DATE RECEIVED/PENDING NOMINATION.[1]

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