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Mahyar Mohyeddin or Mahyar Dean مهیار محی الدین
Born Tehran, Iran
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, guitar instructor, author
Instruments Electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Years active 2004-present
Labels Pure Steel[1]
Associated acts Angband

Mahyar Mohyeddin a.k.a Mahyar Dean (Persian: مهیار محی الدین ) is a musician, guitarist,[1] guitar instructor, author,[2] and founding member of the Iranian heavy metal act Angband, the first such band to be signed to a label.[1]


Born in Tehran, starts playing acoustic and electric guitar. took music composition lessons under the mentorship of professor Houshang Ostovar.


He wrote books about the bands Death in 2000 and Testament in 2001.[1]

The book Death, about the band Death and its founder Chuck Schuldiner, was released in Iran in Persian. The book includes bilingual lyrics and many articles about the band. The book was sent through the site to Schuldiner, who in his own words was "truly blown away and extremely honored by the obvious work and devotion he put into bringing the book to life".[2]

The group Angband[edit]

In 2004, he established the power metal/progressive musical group Angband, which is the first signed metal band from Iran,[3][4] signed to the Pure Steel label.[1] They have released three albums with Mahyar Dean as the guitarist and producer.



Albums with Angband[edit]

Albums with others[edit]



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