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Malaysian AIDS Council
Majlis Aids Malaysia
Malaysian AIDS Council (Logo).jpg
The Malaysian AIDS Council office in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.
FounderMinistry of Health[2]
PurposeServes as an umbrella organisation to support and coordinate the efforts of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on HIV and AIDS issues in Malaysia.
HeadquartersKuala Lumpur
Region served
  • Harm Reduction
  • Prevention for Key Population
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Advocacy
  • Policy
  • Stakeholder Relations
Bakhtiar Talhah[3]
Vice President
Prof Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman[3]
Honorary Secretary
Professor Dr. Azlinda Azman[4]
Honorary Treasurer
Ken Woo Kin Fai[4]

Malaysian AIDS Council (Malay: Majlis AIDS Malaysia, abbrev: MAC) was established in 1992 under the Ministry of Health (MOH) with a mission to represent, mobilise and strengthen non-governmental organisations and communities who were working with HIV/AIDS issues. The Malaysian AIDS Council began with an umbrella of 18 NGOs who were directly working on the various aspects of HIV/AIDS issues.


MAC complements and supports the government's efforts to maximise the community's response to HIV/AIDS and to maximise the usage of limited resources available. The primary objectives of MAC are to:[5]

  • Increase awareness of HIV/AIDS
  • Prevent the spread of HIV
  • Eliminate discrimination, stigma and prejudice associated with HIV/AIDS
  • Promote and protect the rights of those made vulnerable to HIV/AIDS
  • Ensure the highest possible quality of life for those with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide care and support to individuals with HIV/AIDS

Scope of work[edit]

MAC works with its partner organisations in a diverse range of activities from advocating and policy reforms; developing awareness and communication materials; creating public awareness campaigns; conducting and organising workshops and seminars; rolling out prevention and education programmes; providing care and support services and psychological counselling.

Special projects[edit]

MAC also works on special projects, including Needle and Syringe Programme (NSEP) which strives to reduce the unsafe practice of sharing needles and syringes by infected injecting drug users (IDU).[6]

Malaysian AIDS Foundation[edit]

The Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) raises money and manages funds to support the activities of the Malaysian AIDS Council and its Partner Organisations. Celebrities have lent their time and faces to generate monies for MAC, and large corporations, both international and local, from Standard Chartered Trust Fund [1], Mercedes-Benz Malaysia [2], Hong Leong Bank Bhd [3], L'Oreal Malaysia [4], Shell [5], Levi Strauss Foundation [6].[7]

Partner Organizations[edit]

MAC is led by an Executive Committee (EXCO) comprising ten elected representatives from the Partner Organisations which comprises a diverse range of associations, from the medical industry, religious based communities to the nation's legal institutes. The Partner Organisations that make up MAC are:[8]

  • AIDS Action and Research Group (AARG)
  • Association of Malaysian Medical Assistants [7]
  • Bar Council [8]
  • Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia (BMSM)[9]
  • Catholic Welfare Services (CWS)
  • Community AIDS Service Penang (CASP) [10]
  • DiC Pahang
  • Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia (FRHAM) [11]
  • Harapan Komuniti Sdn Berhad
  • He Intends Victory (M) Berhad
  • Intan Drop-in Society, Teluk Intan (PKI)
  • Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia
  • Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services (KLASS)
  • Kota Kinabalu AIDS Support Services Association (KASIH)
  • Malaysian CARE [12]
  • Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST)
  • Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) [13]
  • Malaysian Indian Youth Council (MIYC) [14]
  • Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) [15]
  • Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) [16]
  • Malaysian Youth Council (MYC) [17]
  • Malaysian Hindu Youth Council (MHYC)
  • National Council of Women's Organisations (NCWO)
  • Natural Therapy Centre (NTC)
  • Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Malaysia (O&G) [18]
  • Persatuan Perantaraan Pesakit-Pesakit Kelantan (SAHABAT)
  • Persatuan Insaf Murni Malaysia (PIMM)
  • Pertubuhan Masyarakat Prihatin (PRIHATIN)
  • Pertubuhan Kebajikan Intan Zon Kehidupan Johor Bahru
  • PT Foundation
  • Sarawak AIDS Concern Society (SACS) [19]
  • Selangor and Federal Territory Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia
  • Shekinah Home Services Sdn Bhd
  • Soroptimist International Club of Bangsar (SICB) [20]
  • St. John's Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM) [21]
  • The Boys' Brigade In Malaysia [22]
  • Tenaganita Sdn Bhd (Tenaganita) [23]
  • The Buddies of Ipoh [24]
  • The Estates Hospital Assistants Association, Peninsular Malaysia (EHAA)
  • The Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (SCA) [25]
  • Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) [26]
  • Women & Health Association of Kuala Lumpur (WAKE)
  • Youth With A Mission Malaysia (YWAM) [27]

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