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The Boys Brigade
in Malaysia
MottoSure and Stedfast
(retaining the former English spelling of 'Steadfast')
TypeNon-profit organisation
HeadquartersPetaling Jaya
Robert Davies

The Boys' Brigade in Malaysia or Briged Putera Malaysia is part of the global Boys' Brigade movement.

In Malaysia, the movement is recognised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education as an approved Extra Curricular Activity (ECA). It is also an affiliate of the Malaysian Youth Council (Majlis Belia Malaysia), an associate member of the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM), and an associate member of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF).


1946 The Boys' Brigade in Malaya started in the state of Penang with the founding of the 1st Penang Company by Mr. Robert Davis with Mr. Geh Hun Kheng, an educationalist, as the Company Captain. The Company was under the sponsorship of Madras Lane Chinese (English Speaking Section) Methodist Church.

1954 From Penang, the BB began to spread to other parts of Malaya beginning with the 1st Kuala Lumpur Company, which was formed under the sponsorship of Wesley Methodist Church, Kuala Lumpur. The movement then began spreading rapidly to other towns and small rural areas of Malaya to meet the needs of the Members.

1961 The movement spread its wings to East Malaysia with the formation of the 1st Kuching Company in Sarawak by Mr Charles Henry Ingka under the sponsorship of St Thomas' Anglican Church.

1966 The first National Review and Display was held in Kuala Lumpur. The event has subsequently been held 20 more times (as of 2013)[1] and has been renamed the National Pesta and Convention.

Awards System[edit]

Participation and achievements in Brigade activities are recognised by individual companies by the presentation of badges to company members in official ceremonies. Brigade members wear their earned badges on their uniform sleeves, on both upper arms. The highest award attainable in the Boys' Brigade in Malaysia is the Founder's Badge.

National Pesta and Convention[edit]

Briged Putera Malaysia during the 2013 Merdeka Day celebrations in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The National Pesta and Convention (also commonly known as 'Pesta' ) began as the National Review and Display in 1966 is said to be one of the biggest events which is unique to the Boys' Brigade in Malaysia.[2] Today, participation is open to all current members of the Boys' Brigade in Malaysia, as well as members of overseas Boys' Brigade companies.

Whilst games and other activities vary across each Pesta, it has been customary since 1966 for a national band competition to be held at every Pesta except during 1988, 1992 and 2001. A footdrill competition and a group singing competition was added to the tradition in later years. During the Pesta in Malacca, more element were considered for the Pesta overall title, which includes a State Council march past, size of contingent, banner design and other much more complicated processes in determining the overall champion. However, this system was not used in the following pesta, held in 2006 in Kuala Lumpur. The Kuala Lumpur Pesta 2006 more or less reverted to the traditional system of determining the overall champions, with an inclusion of one more event, which is the state sports. The Kuala Lumpur Pesta was won by 2 home companies, the 1st Kuala Lumpur and 3rd Kuala Lumpur. The State Sports competition was won by Penang State Council.

Pesta Hosts

Year Host City Year Host City Year Host City
1966 1 Selangor Kuala Lumpur [3] 1988 9 Penang Penang 2006 17 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur
1968 2 Penang Penang 1990 10 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur 2008 18 Sabah Kota Kinabalu
1971 3 Selangor Kuala Lumpur [3] 1992 11 Sabah Kota Kinabalu 2010 19 Penang Penang
1973 4 Perak Kampar 1994 12 Johor Johor Bahru 2012 20 Johor Johor Bahru
1975 5 Johor Johor Bahru 1996 13 Penang Penang 2014 21 Perak Kampar
1977 6 Perak Teluk Anson 2000 14 Perak Sitiawan 2016 22 Selangor Sungai Buloh
1979 7 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur [4] 2001 15 Sarawak Kuching
1981 8 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur [4] 2003 16 Malacca Malacca

List of BB Companies in Malaysia[edit]

As at 2007, there are 101 BB companies in Malaysia. Each BB company in Malaysia is identified by a unique number and the geographical location, namely the town or city, or district or state where the sponsoring authority exist, to represent that company. In general, the smaller the number is, the earlier the company was founded. There are, however, instances of newer companies inheriting the nomenclature of previous companies, especially if the sponsoring authority of the new company was also the same for the defunct company. One example would be the 1st Petaling Jaya Company; established in 1983; which inherited the nomenclature of an older company; which existed from 1959 - 1979; by the same designation.

State Councils

The BB companies in Malaysia are organised into regional groupings known as State Councils. Each company is categorised into the appropriate State Councils based on its geographical location. A State Commissioner is elected bi-ennially to head each State Council.

The BB companies are listed in the tables below by State Councils and year of establishment. Please note that some BB companies have been reorganised and reactivated after a period of being inactive or defunct. The original year of establishment for these companies are listed with their reactivation date in parentheses.

The list of BB companies in Malaysia, both current and inactive are:

Johor State Council Johor

Company Sponsoring Authority Established Notes Affiliation
1st Batu Pahat Grace Presbyterian Church 1999 Deactivated Presbyterian
1st Johor Bahru Holy Light Presbyterian Church 1956 Presbyterian
2nd Johor Bahru True Blessing Church 1990 Amalgated with 5th Johor Bahru Independent
3rd Johor Bahru Christian Gospel Centre 1997 Deactivated Independent
4th Johor Bahru Chen-Li Presbyterian Church 2004 Presbyterian
5th Johor Bahru True Blessing Church 2015 Redesignated from 2nd JB Independent
1st Kulai St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 1959 (2005) Deactivated from 1995 - 2004 Presbyterian
1st Kluang Agape Presbyterian Church 1993 Presbyterian
2nd Kluang Herald Presbyterian Church 1993 Presbyterian
1st Pontian Hope Church Johor Bahru 2015 Independent
1st Muar Trinity Presbyterian Church 2008 Presbyterian
1st Simpang Renggam Gereja Presbyterian Gloria 1997 Presbyterian
1st Yong Peng St. Stephen's Church 1989 Deactivated in 1995 Anglican (W. M'sia)
2nd Yong Peng Gereja Presbyterian Yong Peng 1989 Deactivated in 1994 Presbyterian

Kuala Lumpur State Council (Companies in Negeri Sembilan and Pahang within jurisdiction) Kuala Lumpur Negeri Sembilan Pahang

Company Sponsoring Authority Established Notes Affiliation
1st Bentong Chinese Methodist Church 1965 Deactivated Methodist
1st Kuala Lumpur Wesley Methodist Church 1954 Methodist
2nd Kuala Lumpur Grace Methodist Church 1957 Methodist
3rd Kuala Lumpur Young Men's Christian Association 1957 Para-church organisation
4th Kuala Lumpur St Gabriel's Church, Sungai Besi 1960 Anglican (W. M'sia)
5th Kuala Lumpur Christ Lutheran Church 1968 Deactivated in 1974 Lutheran (LCM)
6th Kuala Lumpur Holy Light Lutheran Church 1981 Lutheran (LCM)
7th Kuala Lumpur Christ Church 1989 Deactivated Anglican (W. M'sia)
8th Kuala Lumpur Faith Methodist Church 1990 Deactivated Methodist
9th Kuala Lumpur St. Mary's Cathedral 1991 Deactivated Anglican (W. M'sia)
10th Kuala Lumpur Full Gospel Assembly 1998 Independent
11th Kuala Lumpur Revival City Street Church 1999 Deactivated in 2001 Independent
12th Kuala Lumpur Wesley Methodist Church, Kepong 2006 Methodist
13th Kuala Lumpur Faith Evangelical Free Church 2009 Evangelical Free Church
14th Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church, Bukit Bintang 2015 Baptist
15th Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church, Desa Parkcity 2015 Baptist
16th Kuala Lumpur Kepong Chinese Methodist Church 2016 Methodist
17th Kuala Lumpur Kepong Gospel Chapel 2016 Brethren
1st Kuantan Wesley Methodist Church 1974 Deactivated in 1994 Methodist
1st Mentakab Chinese Methodist Church 1993 (2004) Deactivated from 2000 - 2003 Methodist
1st Negeri Sembilan Bahau Chinese Methodist Church 1994 Deactivated Methodist
1st Seremban Wesley Methodist School 1961 (2012) Deactivated from 1971 - 2011 Methodist
2nd Seremban Taman Ujong Methodist Church 2016 Methodist
1st Raub Wesley Methodist Church N/A Deactivated Methodist

Melaka State Council Malacca

Company Sponsoring Authority Established Notes Affiliation
1st Melaka Wesley Methodist Church 1962 Methodist
2nd Melaka Chinese Methodist Church, Sungai Rambai 1992 Methodist
3rd Melaka Chinese Methodist Church, Merlimau 1994 Methodist
4th Melaka Chinese Methodist Church, Melaka 2008 Methodist

Penang State Council (Companies in Kedah and Kelantan within jurisdiction) Penang Kedah Kelantan

Company Sponsoring Authority Established Notes Affiliation
1st Alor Setar Alor Setar Baptist Church 1966 (1994) Deactivated in 1996 Baptist
1st Butterworth St. Mark's Church 1954 (1998) Deactivated from 1993 - 1998 Anglican (W. M'sia)
2nd Butterworth Butterworth Gospel Hall 1994 Deactivated from 1974 - 1993 Brethren
3rd Butterworth Chinese Methodist Church 1995 Methodist
4th Butterworth True Light Baptist Church 1997 Deactivated Baptist
1st Bukit Mertajam Renewal Christian Church 2007 Independent
1st Kota Bharu Kelantan Presbyterian Church 1965 Deactivated in 1996 Presbyterian
2nd Kota Bharu Gereja Methodist Kota Bahru 1993 Deactivated in 1996 Methodist
3rd Kota Bharu St. Martin's Church 2000 Anglican (W. M'sia)
1st Nibong Tebal Methodist English School 1960 Deactivated in 1974 Methodist
2nd Nibong Tebal Holy Trinity Church N/A Deactivated Anglican (W. M'sia)
1st Penang Trinity Methodist Church 1946 Methodist
2nd Penang Wesley Methodist Church 1952 Methodist
3rd Penang Methodist Boys' School 1957 Amalgamated with 2nd Penang Methodist
4th Penang Tamil Methodist Church 1957 Deactivated in 1998 Methodist
5th Penang Methodist High School 1958 Deactivated Methodist
6th Penang Cantonese Methodist Church 1969 Methodist
7th Penang St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 1970 Deactivated Presbyterian
8th Penang Chinese Methodist Church, Ayer Itam 1982 Methodist
9th Penang Reservoir Garden Baptist Church 1990 Deactivated in 1994 Baptist
10th Penang Penang Baptist Church 1989 Deactivated in 1998 Baptist
11th Penang McCallum Street Baptist Church 1991 Deactivated in 1997 Baptist
12th Penang Madras Lane Chinese Methodist Church 1991 Deactivated in 1999 Methodist
13th Penang True Light Baptist Church 1992 Deactivated in 1999 Baptist
14th Penang Full Gospel Tabernacle 1992 Independent
15th Penang Cantonese Methodist Church 1992 Methodist
16th Penang First Assembly of God (Chinese) 1997 Assemblies of God
17th Penang Permata Baptist Centre 2004 Baptist
18th Penang Penang First Assembly of God 2004 Assemblies of God
19th Penang Grace Assembly of God 2011 Assemblies of God
20th Penang Sekolah Sri Pelita 2011 Independent
21st Penang FGA Centre 2011 Independent
1st Perai Agape Baptist Church 1993 Baptist
1st Sungai Petani Tamil Methodist Church 1960 Deactivated Methodist
2nd Sungai Petani Chinese Methodist Church 1995 Deactivated in 1999 Methodist
3rd Sungai Petani Grace Community Centre 2006 Church of God of Prophecy
4th Sungai Petani Patani Baptist Church 2017 Baptist

Perak State Council Perak

Company Sponsoring Authority Established Notes Affiliation
1st Ipoh Anglo-Chinese School 1958 (1991) Methodist
2nd Ipoh Bercham Christian Church 1958 Deactivated Independent
3rd Ipoh Church of the Holy Spirit 1971 Deactivated in 1974 Anglican (W. M'sia)
4th Ipoh Canning Garden Baptist Church 1986 Deactivated Baptist
5th Ipoh Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 1987 Deactivated Lutheran (LCM)
6th Ipoh Wesley Methodist School 2011 Methodist
7th Ipoh Grace Lutheran Church, Menglembu 2011 Lutheran (LCM)
8th Ipoh St. Michael's Institution 2016 Roman Catholic (Penang)
1st Kampar Anglo-Chinese School 1962 Amalgamated with 2nd Kampar Methodist
2nd Kampar Wesley Methodist Church 1968 Methodist
3rd Kampar Wesley Methodist Church 1989 Amalgamated with 2nd Kampar Methodist
4th Kampar Chinese Methodist Church 1996 Methodist
1st Manjung Trinity Methodist Church, Sitiawan 1995 Methodist
2nd Manjung Chin Hock Methodist Church 1995 Methodist
3rd Manjung Chinese Methodist Church 2000 Methodist
4th Manjung Wesley Methodist Church 2010 Methodist
1st Parit Buntar Methodist English School 1966 Deactivated Methodist
1st Pengkalan Hulu Pengkalan Hulu Lutheran Church 2011 Lutheran (LCM)
1st Taiping Wesley Methodist Church 1959 (2002) Methodist
1st Tanjung Malim Methodist English School 1963 Deactivated in 1973 Methodist
1st Teluk Intan Wesley Methodist Church 1958 Methodist

Sabah State Council Sabah

Company Sponsoring Authority Established Notes Affiliation
1st Keningau Keningau Baptist Church 2008 Baptist
1st Kota Kinabalu Young Men's Christian Association 1967 Amalgamated with 3rd Kota Kinabalu Parachurch organisation
2nd Kota Kinabalu Kota Kinabalu Basel Christian Church 1974 Lutheran (Basel)
3rd Kota Kinabalu All Saints' Cathedral 1978 Redesignated from 1st Kota Kinabalu Anglican (Sabah)
4th Kota Kinabalu Sacred Heart Cathedral 1982 Roman Catholic (Kota Kinabalu)
5th Kota Kinabalu Good Samaritan Church 1985 (2005) Deactivated from 1995 - 2004 Anglican (Sabah)
6th Kota Kinabalu Menggatal Basel Christian Church N/A Deactivated in 1996 Lutheran (Basel)
7th Kota Kinabalu Penampang Basel Christian Church N/A Deactivated in 1995 Lutheran (Basel)
8th Kota Kinabalu Christ Church, Likas 1994 Deactivated Anglican (Sabah)
9th Kota Kinabalu Shern En Methodist Church 2001 Methodist
10th Kota Kinabalu Kota Kinabalu Baptist Church 2006 Baptist
1st Labuan Church of our Holy Saviour N/A Deactivated in 1998 Anglican (Sabah)
1st Lahad Datu Lahad Datu Basel Christian Church N/A Deactivated in 2001 Lutheran (Basel)
2nd Lahad Datu Xuan En Methodist Church 2001 Methodist
1st Penampang Song En Methodist Church 2002 Methodist
1st Sandakan St. Michael and All Angels Church 1982 Anglican (Sabah)
2nd Sandakan Sandakan Basel Christian Church 1985 Lutheran (Basel)
3rd Sandakan Sandakan Baptist Church 1985 Deactivated in 1993 Baptist
4th Sandakan St. Mary's Cathedral 1985 Deactivated in 1996 Roman Catholic (Sandakan)
5th Sandakan Church of the Good Shepherd 1989 Anglican (Sabah)
1st Tamparuli Tamparuli Basel Christian Church 1993 Lutheran (Basel)
1st Tawau Sri Tanjung Baptist Church 1985 Baptist
2nd Tawau St. Patrick's Church 1985 (2005) Deactivated from 1994 - 2004 Anglican (Sabah)
3rd Tawau Tawau Basel Christian Church 1989 Lutheran (Basel)
4th Tawau Calvary City Church 1993 Deactivated in 1998 Assemblies of God

Sarawak State Council Sarawak

Company Sponsoring Authority Established Notes Affiliation
1st Beluru BEM Pekan Beluru 2016 Sidang Injil Borneo
1st Binatang (Bintangor) Church of Christ the King 1974 Deactivated Roman Catholic (Sibu)
2nd Bintangor Kai Nguong Methodist Church 1979 Methodist
3rd Bintangor Lai Ang Methodist Church Methodist
1st Bintulu Eng Kwang Methodist Church 2002 Methodist
2nd Bintulu Ming Ong Methodist Church 2005 Methodist
3rd Bintulu St. Thomas' Church 2010 Anglican (Kuching)
4th Bintulu Gloria Methodist Church 2015 Methodist
1st Kapit Kapit Methodist Church 1974 Deactivated Methodist
1st Kuching St. Thomas' Cathedral 1961 Anglican (Kuching)
2nd Kuching Trinity Methodist Church 1967 Methodist
3rd Kuching St. Faith's Church 1971 (1993) Deactivated from 1977 - 1992 Anglican (Kuching)
4th Kuching Faith Methodist Church 1987 Methodist
5th Kuching St. Basil's Church 1993 Anglican (Kuching)
6th Kuching Ching Kwong Methodist Church 1999 Methodist
7th Kuching Chin Daw Methodist Church 2004 Methodist
8th Kuching Chin Fu Methodist Church 2006 Methodist
9th Kuching SIB The Way Church 2009 Sidang Injil Borneo
1st Limbang Ling Kwong Methodist Church 2004 Methodist
1st Marudi (Baram) Marudi Methodist Church 1974 Deactivated Methodist
1st Miri St. Columba's Church 1984 Deactivated from 1974 - 1983 Anglican (Kuching)
2nd Miri Hwai En Methodist Church 1997 Methodist
3rd Miri Mei Ann Methodist Church 2002 Methodist
4th Miri Grace Methodist Church 2002 Methodist
5th Miri Gan En Methodist Church 2002 Methodist
1st Mukah Mukah Methodist Church 2004 Methodist
1st Sarikei Methodist Town Church 1969 Methodist
2nd Sarikei Bee Eng Methodist Church 1997 Deactivated in 1998 Methodist
3rd Sarikei Nyelong Park Methodist Church 2002 Methodist
1st Sibu Wesley Methodist Church 1968 Methodist
2nd Sibu Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church 1993 Methodist
3rd Sibu Zion Methodist Church 1993 Methodist
4th Sibu Hwai Ang Methodist Church 1995 Methodist
5th Sibu Tien Tao Methodist Church 1996 Methodist
6th Sibu Masland Methodist Church 1999 Methodist
7th Sibu Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church 1999 Methodist
8th Sibu Tien En Methodist Church 2000 Methodist
9th Sibu SIB Hosanna Church 2002 Sidang Injil Borneo
10th Sibu Logos Methodist Church 2003 Methodist
1st Simanggang (Sri Aman) St Luke's Church 1969 Deactivated Anglican (Kuching)
1st Sri Aman Sing Ing Methodist Church 1999 Methodist

Selangor State Council Selangor

Company Sponsoring Authority Established Notes Affiliation
1st Ampang Jaya Chinese Methodist Church 2000 Methodist
2nd Ampang Jaya The Abundant Church 2010 Assemblies of God
1st Banting Methodist English School 1958 Deactivated in 1974 Methodist
1st Kajang Cheras 9th Mile Lutheran Church 1970 Lutheran (LCM)
2nd Kajang Canaan Lutheran Church 1995 Deactivated in 1996 Lutheran (LCM)
3rd Kajang Cheras 11th Mile Lutheran Church 1975 (2004) Deactivated from 1998 - 2003 Lutheran (LCM)
4th Kajang Kajang Life Chapel 1996 Brethren
1st Klang Wesley Methodist Church 1963 (1996) Deactivated from ???? - 1995 Methodist
2nd Klang Young Men's Christian Association 1987 Deactivated Parachurch Organisation
1st Kota Kemuning Community Baptist Church 2012 Baptist
1st Petaling Jaya Trinity Methodist Church 1959 (1983) Deactivated from 1979 - 1982 Methodist
2nd Petaling Jaya Luther House Chapel 1979 Deactivated in 1985 Lutheran (LCM)
3rd Petaling Jaya St. Paul's Church 1984 Deactivated in 2010 Anglican (W. M'sia)
4th Petaling Jaya Emmanuel Baptist Church 2006 Baptist
5th Petaling Jaya Renewal Lutheran Church 2012 Lutheran (Independent)
6th Petaling Jaya Nobel International School 2013 Baptist
7th Petaling Jaya Emmanuel Methodist Church 2013 Methodist
8th Petaling Jaya Pantai Baptist Church 2014 Baptist
9th Petaling Jaya Damansara Utama Methodist Church 2016 Methodist
1st Port Swettenham (P. Klang) Methodist Boys' School N/A Deactivated in 1973 Methodist
1st Puchong Community Baptist Church 2007 Baptist
2nd Puchong Logos Presbyterian Church 2016 Presbyterian
1st Rawang Rawang Christian Church 2007 Independent
1st Sekinchan Chinese Methodist Church 1993 Deactivated in 1997 Methodist
1st Sepang Chinese Methodist Church 2000 Methodist
1st Serdang Hope Church Serdang 2008 Independent
1st Subang Jaya Church of the Good Shepherd 2000 Deactivated in 2001 Anglican (W. M'sia)
2nd Subang Jaya First Baptist Church 2000 Baptist
3rd Subang Jaya City Harvest Church 2014 Charismatic
1st Tanjung Sepat Chinese Methodist Church 1991 Deactivated Methodist

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