Mali Kozjak

Coordinates: 43°34′15″N 16°24′09″E / 43.570815°N 16.402588°E / 43.570815; 16.402588
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Kozjak from Salona.
Highest point
Elevation779 m (2,556 ft)
Coordinates43°34′15″N 16°24′09″E / 43.570815°N 16.402588°E / 43.570815; 16.402588
Kozjak is located in Croatia
The highest peak of Kozjak
LocationDalmatia, Croatia
Parent rangeDinaric Alps

Kozjak, also known as Mali Kozjak or Primorski Kozjak (to differentiate it from Veliki Kozjak) is a mountain located above the town of Kaštela in Dalmatia, Croatia.


It belongs to Dinaric Alps, and it stretches from the pass of Klis in the southeast, to the above Split Airport in the northwest. The highest peak is Veli vrj (779 m) above Kaštel Gomilica. Its southern slope is very steep, and northern rock slopes gradually turns to the corrugate plateau of Dalmatian Zagora. Kozjak is mainly composed of karst — limestone rocks.

Mali Kozjak in town of Kaštela is more known than Veliki Kozjak above the village of Kijevo. On the west side of the ridge is well-known mountain centre of Malačka on 477 m.

Its highest peak overlooks the city of Split, the ancient Roman settlement of Salona, towns of Solin, Kaštela, Trogir, and most of central Dalmatia islands.

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