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View of Mosor from the Mosor Star Village
Highest point
Elevation1,339 m (4,393 ft)
Coordinates43°31′37.80″N 16°38′14.40″E / 43.5271667°N 16.6373333°E / 43.5271667; 16.6373333
Mosor is located in Croatia
Location of Mosor in Croatia
LocationSplit-Dalmatia County, Croatia

Mosor (Latin: Massarus), or Mount Mosor (Massarus Mons; Italian: Monte Massaro), is a mountain range in Croatia located near the city of Split on the Adriatic coast. It belongs to Dinaric Alps, and it stretches from the pass of Klis in the northwest to the Cetina River in the southeast.

The highest peak is the eponymous Mosor peak at 1,339 m.a.s.l.[1] There are no inhabited areas on the mountain above 600 metres. Mosor is mainly composed of karst — limestone rocks.

It attracts mountaineers from Croatia. There are two alpine huts and many mountaineering paths on Mosor.


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