Malka Mari National Park

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Malka Mari National Park
Map showing the location of Malka Mari National Park
Map showing the location of Malka Mari National Park
Coordinates4°11′06″N 40°46′16″E / 4.1849942°N 40.7712194°E / 4.1849942; 40.7712194Coordinates: 4°11′06″N 40°46′16″E / 4.1849942°N 40.7712194°E / 4.1849942; 40.7712194
Area1,500 km2 (580 sq mi)

Malka Mari National Park is a national park of Kenya, situated along the dawa River on the Kenya-Ethiopia border.[1] It is approximately 1,500 square kilometres (370,000 acres) in size. It is accessible via the Mandera Airport, and is probably the least visited national park in the nation.

The park is mostly semi-arid bushland and scrubby grassland with riparian woodland and along the river. There are plants in the park that are unique to the area.[1]

Some of the animals that live in the park are the Somali giraffe, crocodile, hyena, agama lizards, antelopes, vultures, dik-dik, Nile crocodiles, zebra and genet.[2]

Over 20 species of birds can be found here, including streptopelia decipiens, cichladusa guttata, ploceus dichrocephalus and the rare corvus ruficollis (desert crow).[3]

Malka Mari is an IUCN Category II park designated in 1989.[4]


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