Malta Song for Europe 2006

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Malta Song for Europe 2006
Final 3 February 2007
Venue Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Presenter(s) Eileen Montesin
Josef Bonello
Lou Bondi
Interval act Chiara, Anžej Dežan, Paul Abela Band, Claudette Pace, William Mangion, Georgina, Mike Spiteri, Ray Calleja
Number of entries 18
Voting system Televoting/SMS voting
Winning song Fabrizio Faniello - "I Do"

The Malta Song for Europe 2006 was won by Fabrizio Faniello with I Do. The event took place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta. The compères for the contest were Eileen Montesin and Josef Bonello, while Lou Bondì hosted the entertainment part.

The festival was put up by an all-new organization committee and was under even harder scrutiny by the media than is already usual in the country. Thus the audio problems to Fabrizio Faniello (who was given the black-striped microphone instead of the red-striped one with his preferred settings) and those to Ali & Lis (who had a defective, white-striped, microphone) punctually created an uproar of criticism, apart from the obvious anxiety to the performers themselves during the evening. Both songs were performed again at the end of the eighteen-song roaster.

This was the second time there was no jury, all votes to be cast by the public by phone or SMS. A total of 61 947 votes were received, compared to Malta's 400 000 inhabitants. Other parts of the show criticized were the division of the festival into two parts having different presenters (an initiative based on the success of a similarly organized show during Hamilton's chairmanship of the organization board), the impertinence of the media in the green-room during the show, lack of security, the short voting period, the long break before the voting results were announced, unrecorded SMS votes for clients of the competing mobile telephony to one of the show's sponsors (aggravated by the fact that supervisors were only sent to the show's sponsors), and low-quality audio in specific locations for the clients of the local cable company. The show was also transmitted in stereo on the national radio, which reportedly had no problems whatsoever.


Malta Song for Europe 2007 - 4 February 2006
Draw Artist Song Composer - Lyricist Votes Place
1 J Anvil "You Too" Augusto Cardinali - Giovann Attard 4933 4
2 Anna Belle "Amazing" Philip Vella - Gerard James Borg 2107 14
3 Ali and Lis "Only 'til The Morning" John David Zammit - Paul Callus 3907 6
4 Lara "Stay With Me" Chan Vella - Paul Callus 1637 17
5 Natasha & Charlene "Echoes of Gaia" Charlene Grima - Natasha Grima & Deo Grech 2836 10
6 Manuel "I Promise You" Miriam Christine 3782 7
7 Fabrizio Faniello "I Do" Aldo Spiteri & Fabrizio Faniello 7729 1
8 Eleonor "Tell Me" Paul Giordimaina - Fleur Balzan 2646 11
9 Trilogy "This Heart of Mine" Paul Abela - Joe Julian Farrugia 4954 3
10 Andreana So Good Alfred Zammit 635 18
11 Paul Giordimaina & Morena "Time" Paul Giordimaina - Fleur Balzan 3046 9
12 Pamela "Reachin' Out" Paul Giordimaina - Fleur Balzan 2371 13
13 Christian Arding "Stronger" Charlene Grima - Deo Grech 4075 5
14 Nadine Axisa "Waves" Vinny Vella Jr. - Ray Tabone 1680 16
15 Josef & Amanda "It Just Comes Natural" Clinton Paul 1980 15
16 Kevin Borg "You're My Dream" Jason P Cassar - Sunny Aquilina 3590 8
17 Claudia Faniello "High Alert!" Ray Agius - Godwin Sant 2416 12
18 Olivia Lewis "Spare A Moment" Ray Agius - Godwin Sant 7623 2

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