Maltese general election, 1849

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Maltese general election, 1849

16-20 August 1849 1854 →

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General elections were held in Malta between 16 and 20 August 1849,[1] the first in the country's history.[2]


In 1835, Malta was granted a Government Council by the British authorities. It consisted of the Governor, four officials and three members appointed by the governor.[3] In June 1849 Governor Richard More O'Ferrall passed a new constitution that increased the Council to 18 members, of which ten would be appointed and eight elected.[1]


A total of 3,767 people were registered to vote, of which 3,315 cast votes, giving a turnout of 88%.[1]

Elected members
Name Votes Notes
Don Filippo Amato 619
Annetto Casolani 606
Adriano Dingli 117 Elected from Gozo
Leopoldo Fiteni 512
Montebello Pulis 716
Arcangelo Pullicino 511
Mikelang Scerri 607
Giovanni Battista Vella 425
Source: Schiavone, p175


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