Maltese general election, 1875

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Maltese general election, 1875
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1-4 December 1875 → 1880
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General elections were held in Malta between 1 and 4 December 1875.[1]


The elections were held under the 1849 constitution, which provided for an 18-member Government Council, of which ten members would be appointed and eight elected.[1]


A total of 2,570 people were registered to vote, of which 2,047 cast votes, giving a turnout of 80%.[1]

Elected members
Name Votes Notes
Ramiro Barbaro 585 Re-elected
Salvatore Cachia Zammit 680 Re-elected
Filippo Curmi Cecy 141 Elected from Gozo
Dun Emmanuel Debono 585
Carlo Maria Muscat 508
Agostini Naudi 565
Sigismondo Savona 648
Ruggerio Sciortino 518 Re-elected
Source: Schiavone, pp176–177


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