Maman Brigitte

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Maman Brigitte
Goddess of life, death, justice, motherhood, fertility, cemeteries, crosses, gravestones, women, souls of deceased relatives, obscenities, passion
Member of Ghede
Veve for Maman Brigitte
Other namesGrandma Brigitte, Manman, Maman Brijit, Grann (or Gran) Brigitte, Brigitte, Manman Brijit
AbodeVoodoo underworld
AnimalsBlack rooster, horse
SymbolRum, hot peppers, fire, gravestones, crosses
TreeElm, weeping willow
ColorPurple, black, green
ConsortBaron Samedi
OffspringGhede Nibo (adopted)
Christian equivalentBrigid of Kildare
Mary Magdalene
Yoruba equivalentOya
Celtic equivalentBrigid

Maman Brigitte (English: Mother Brigitte) also written Gran Brigitte, Grann Brigitte, Manman, Manman Brigit, and Maman Brijit, is a death loa and the consort of Baron Samedi in Haitian Vodou. She drinks rum infused with hot peppers and is symbolized by a black rooster. Like Samedi and the Ghede, she is foul-mouthed.[1] She is also the adoptive mother of Ghede Nibo.

As happened under the persecution of slavery in Haiti and the Americas, Maman Brigitte has been syncretized and represented by various saints - usually those depicted with fire or snakes - including Brigid of Kildare and Mary Magdalene.

Inspired by many Irish myths and legends, Maman Brigitte originates from Ireland[2], and is the only white Loa as compared to others Gods which originated from Africa. Maman Brigitte is Goddess of Death who cares for dead more than they were ever loved while living. She wanted to send a message that not to forget the dead, Brigitte always respects those who respects the dead. Being a mother, she helps lost souls and spirits that are trapped and help them setting free from mystic waters