Managing Carmen

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Managing Carmen
Written by David Williamson
Date premiered October 2012
Place premiered Brisbane
Original language English

Managing Carmen is a 2012 play by David Williamson about a cross-dressing football player. Williamson:

Brent isn’t gay, he’s very heterosexual, as about 90% of cross-dressers are, but it’s still sufficiently unusual for him and his manager and the rest of the team to be terrified if the word gets out. I happen to know there’s been some very prominent, very prominent AFL players who’ve been cross-dressers but no one ever knew about them going out and about in public. So I know what I’m writing is not based on fantasy. Something like cross-dressing becomes addictive, in the same way that heroin becomes addictive, and the ultimate buzz for cross-dressers is when they appear in public and no one realises that they’re male.[1]

The play was inspired by Williamson's concern over the influence of managers in modern-day Australian rules.[2]


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