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The Manfred Wörner Foundation is a Bulgarian not-for-profit non-governmental organization established on 20 October 1994, and registered in 1996. It is named in honour of Manfred Wörner, former Secretary-General of NATO.


Its mission is to foster and project Atlantic values, solidarity and cooperation, help advance the European peace and security policies in a strategic partnership with America, promote personal liberties and economic freedom, support the sustainable economic, social and demographic development of Bulgaria, contribute to the exploration and conservation of the national and world natural heritage, and uphold the European vision of Manfred Wörner (1934–1994).


Lord Robertson receiving the Atlantic Solidarity Award

The Foundation sponsored the naming of Manfred Wörner Street in Sofia in 1995, the naming of Wörner Gap on Livingston Island, Antarctica in 1996, and the erection of a Manfred Wörner Monument in South Park, Sofia in 1996.

The Foundation is focusing its activities on training and education, technical assistance to state and local authorities, transboundary regional development, promotion of new immigration policies for Bulgaria, and Antarctic research including the organization and management of the scientific Antarctic expedition Tangra 2004/05 and the establishment of Camp Academia on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, and published Antarctic topographic maps, donating free copies to all Bulgarian schools.

The Foundation has established an Atlantic Solidarity Award, given by a jury comprising representatives of the Bulgarian civil society in appreciation of outstanding personal contributions to world peace and liberty. Lord George Robertson became the first recipient of the award in 2003.

The Founding President (since 1994) is Lyubomir Ivanov. Elfie Wörner was the honorary director of the Foundation in 1997-2006.


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