Manly Fun Pier

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Manly Fun Pier
Location Manly, New South Wales, Australia
Opened 1931
Closed 1989

The Manly Fun Pier (or Manly Amusement Pier) was a small amusement park located on a wharf in Manly, New South Wales, Australia. It operated from 1931 to 1989.


The Manly Fun Pier started life as a cargo wharf at Manly Cove in the 1850s. In 1927 the cargo wharf was closed and in 1931 it was reopened as the Manly Amusement Pier.[1] and promoted with the slogan "Built for fun in 31".[2]

During its life, the Fun Pier saw a number of renovations (including a substantial renovation in 1980/81).[3]

It was eventually demolished in the late 1980s when the passenger wharf was extended and redeveloped in 1989. The new complex opened in 1990 and had an amusement centre in the basement level which was operated by the American company TILT.[4]

The amusement centre closed when the wharf was again substantially redeveloped in 2000.


At the time of its alteration in 1980/81, attractions included:[2][3]

  • shark aquarium (the entrance of which was a large shark mouth)
  • dodgems
  • ghost train. The ghost train had a door which opened out to the water as the train approached, giving the rider the impression that they were about to plunge out into the water.
  • wax museum
  • fun castle
  • Ferris Wheel
  • merry go-round
  • the Octopus ride
  • the Space-Walk ride
  • miniature train ride
  • tumbling house and slide
  • the Mexican Whip ride


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