Mark B. Madsen

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Mark B. Madsen
M Madsen.png
Member of the Utah Senate
from the 13th district
In office
2004 – present
Personal details
Born (1963-05-08) May 8, 1963 (age 52)
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Erin
Residence Saratoga Springs, Utah
Alma mater George Mason University
Occupation Attorney
Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Mark Benson Madsen (born 1963)[1] is an American politician and Attorney from Utah. A Republican, he is a member of the Utah State Senate, representing the state's 13th senate district in Utah, and Tooele Counties including the city of Lehi. Senator Madsen is the grandson of Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture under President Eisenhower.

Personal life, education, and career[edit]

Madsen received his bachelors from George Mason University and his J.D. from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University.[2] In 1994, Mark met Erin Michele Allen, an Idaho native, working in Washington, D.C. They married in June of 1995.[2] Since relocating to Utah, Madsen has worked for Larry H. Miller Management in the Legal Department, as Project Manager in the commercial real estate division, and on other assorted projects as assigned by Mr. Miller.[2] In March of 2000, Madsen was elected as the first resident president of the North Ranch Homeowners Association.[2] Mark's first priorities are his faith and his family; he and Erin have five children.[2]


  • Eagle Mountain City Council Member
  • Americas 100 Emerging Political Leaders
  • State Legislative Leaders Foundation
  • Support of Excellence Award (UT Highway Patrol)
  • Kentucky Colonel
  • International Election Observer (Panama 1988 and Guatemala)
  • Representative for National Convention 2008

Political career[edit]

Madsen started is political career in 1984 when he lived and worked in the Washington, D.C. area[2] He began in January 1984, as an intern for Utah Senator, Orrin Hatch. He then went on to work for lobbying organizations promoting Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative and a federal Balanced Budget Amendment.[2] Madsen was elected to City Council in 2001. He was sworn in January 7, 2002. He than ran for State Senate, and was first elected in 2004.[2] Madsen is affiliated with the Federalist Society and the American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork.[3]

In 2014, Madsen served on the following committees:

  • Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Senate Education Committee
  • Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee (Chair)
  • Senate Rules Committeex

2014 Sponsored Legislation[edit]

Bill Number and Title Primary or Floor Sponsor Bill Status
S.B. 46 Second Substitute Administrative Subpoena Modifications Primary Governor Signed 3/25/2014
S.B. 166 Energy Amendments Primary Governor Signed 3/20/2014
S.B. 234 Cory B. Wride Memorial Highway Primary Governor Signed 3/20/2014
S.B. 259 Victim Reparations Fund Amendments Primary Governor Signed 3/25/2014
H.B. 48 Reports on Alternative Sentencing Floor; Primary Rep. Duckworth Governor Signed 3/29/2014
H.B. 50 Involuntary Feeding and Hydration of Inmates Amendments Floor; Primary Rep. Greenwood Governor Signed 3/29/2014
H.B. 75 Substitute Restoration of Civil Rights for Nonviolent Felons Floor; Primary Rep. Oda Governor Signed 4/1/2014
H.B. 120 Substitute Continuing Education on Federalism Floor; Primary Rep. Ivory Governor Signed 3/31/2014
H.B. 128 Substitute Electronic Device Location Amendments Floor; Primary Rep. Wilcox Governor Signed 3/31/2014
H.B. 200 Unlawful Removal or Vandalism of Campaign Signs Floor; Primary Rep. Hutchings Governor Signed 3/31/2014
H.B. 268 Second Substitute Dangerous Weapons Amendments Floor; Primary Rep. Greene Governor Signed 4/2/2014
H.B. 279 Judiciary Interim Committee Sunset Provisions Floor; Primary Rep. McIff Governor Signed 3/31/2014
H.B. 308 Criminal Penalty Amendments Floor; Primary Rep. Hall Governor Signed 3/29/2014
H.B. 322 Protection of Activities in Private Vehicles Floor; Primary Rep. Oda Governor Signed 3/31/2014
H.B. 323 Divorce Orientation Course Timing Floor; Primary Rep. Nielson Governor Signed 4/1/2014
H.B. 373 Substitute Firearm Transfer Certification Amendments Floor; Primary Rep. Wilcox Governor Signed 4/2/2014
H.B. 437 Capitol Preservation Board Donation Amendments Floor; Primary Rep. Hutchings Governor Signed 3/29/2014


Pivotal bills[edit]

In the 2008 session of the state legislature, Madsen was chief sponsor of SB 210,[5] a bill that required proof of citizenship to be presented in order for Utahns to register to vote.[6]

Local Salt Lake City media erroneously reported that S.B. 247,[7] which Madsen sponsored, would honor Utah native gun creator John M. Browning on the current Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, as Madsen had originally proposed.[8] He was criticized greatly for this.[8] However, the language that Madsen ultimately put into the bill, S.B. 247S03,[9] which passed both houses of the Utah Legislature and was signed into law, recognized John M. Browning on January 24, 2011.[8]


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