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Markosia Enterprises Ltd
FounderHarry Markos
Area served
United Kingdom

Markosia is a British comic book publishing company.


Markosia was founded by Harry Markos in 2004. He employed Richard Emms (previously of APC) as the Editor-in-chief as well as lead designer.[1] in 2005. Markosia had already published Harry Gallan's The Lexian Chronicles novel and the initial plan was to produce comic adaptations of novels, such as The Lexian Chronicles and G.P. Taylor's Shadowmancer. They subsequently secured the license to adapt Starship Troopers, leading to a broadening in the business plan. This would further expand when Markosia brought Chuck Satterlee on board as Director of Operations.[2]

Satterlee moved over from Speakeasy Comics after their troubles in 2006 and he assisted in bringing over a number of titles with him, giving Markosia a range of original comic titles. These included The Hunger by creators Jose Torres and Chris Dibari [3] and Chimaera Studios's with their 8 titles.[4]

In 2007 Markosia re-branded themselves for the comics Direct Market by merging with AAM (Associated Arts and Media) to form AAM Markosia.

In 2008 the company signed a number of properties such as The Boy Who Made Silence, Ritual, N-Guard, Serpent Wars and Eagle Award nominated anthology title Eleventh Hour.


Their titles include:



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