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Marlo Meekins (born 1980 or 1981[1]) is an American cartoonist, comedian, caricaturist, model and actor.[2] She is best known for her work on Vine.[1][3]


Meekins was born in Collingswood, New Jersey.[2] In 2003, she earned a bachelor's degree in Illustration from Moore College of Art and Design.[4] She also attended the Rhode Island School of Design.[1]

Meekins' work came to notice when she started a blog in 2005 and was featured in Zoo Weekly Australia[5] and Attack of the Show!, who praised her "Ren & Stimpy-style illustrations."[6] She won the Silver Nosey Award for Caricaturist of the Year at the 2009 International Society of Caricature Artists convention.[7][1]

Meekins' Vine videos often feature crude humor and satire and make use of animation, costumes, props, fake blood, special effects, and her dogs.[8][1] They earned her a place on Comedy Central's first online comedy festival in 2013,[8] where The New York Times praised her "crisp ideas and unexpected visual flourishes".[8] Later that year, Meekins was commissioned by Wendy's to make and share a Vine in her typical style.[2][9]

She is married to cartoonist Nick Cross.[10]


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