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Temporal range: Late Oligocene - Middle Miocene
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Infraclass: Marsupialia
Order: Diprotodontia
Family: Pseudocheiridae
Genus: Marlu
Species: M. kutjamarpensis
M. karya
M. sykes
M. praecursor
M. ampelos

Marlu is an extinct genus of Pseudocheiridae from the OligoceneMiocene of Australia. It consists of five species found at various sites in Australia. M. kutjamarpensis, M. karya, M. sykes and M. ampelos from the Miocene in the Kutjamarpu Local Fauna (Leaf Locality) in Queensland and from the Late Oligocene, M. praecursor from the Wadikali Local Fauna in northern South Australia.[1][2]


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