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Martin Keane (born July 12, 1969) is a former professional basketball forward/center from Canada. Keane played in three consecutive FIBA World Championships for the Canadian National Men's Basketball Team.

Born in Jamaica, the six foot-nine Toronto native Keane attended Northeast Junior College Northeast junior college in Nebraska and was voted to the First Team All-American Team before going onto the University of Oklahoma and then graduated at the University of Washington.

Keane started playing professionally in Spain in 1994-5 in Alicante, Tenerife Canary Island in 1995-6, Summer 1996 Keane was invited to tryout for the (NBA) Toronto Raptors by Isaiah Thomas before going back to join Pamesa Valencia ACB 1996-7, 1997-8 for Melilla Baloncesto of Spain in Africa, part of 1998-9 for the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) Quad City Thunder,in 1999-2000 played for Hitachi (Japan Super League), in 2001 for Bundesliga in Germany, in 2002 with Bahrain in The Asian Championship (Dubai). Then back to Spain (LEB) with Ferrol 2002-3 Ranked #1 all year, (LEB) Burgos 2003-4 finalists, (LEB) Castellón 2004 in Spain. In the summer of '04 he played for the Barrie Bandits of Ontario Professional Basketball League. Keane finally retired in Uruguay 2005 with Salto Basketball Club who were previous Champions in 2004.

Keane had a lengthy career with the Canadian National Team from 1989-2001. Keane participated in 1991 Pan American Games (Cuba) and in the same year was a Silver Medalist in the World Student Games (England) which lost to Team USA in the finals.

Keane was featured in the 1990 FIBA World Championship (Argentina), 1994 FIBA World Championship (Toronto), and 1998 FIBA World Championship (Greece). Playing at home in Toronto, the 1994 team finished 7th in the tournament. Keane also competed for Canada in the Goodwill Games 2001 Australia.

Since 2005, Keane was coached by a number of Hall Of Fame International Coaches such as; Ken Shields CAN National Team, Jerry Hemmings CAN National Team, Steve Konchalski CAN National Team, Luis Casimero Spain ACB, Miki Vuckovic Spain ACB, Sergio Hernandez ARG National Team and Sergio Valdeomillos MEX National Team that are his mentors that encouraged Keane to Coach. Keane has been coaching in South America, United States and China. Keane was voted Coach of the Year twice in China 2012 and 2013 for 2 different Powerhouse Basketball Academies in Beijing. Not to mention adding another Championship in 2013 after coming briefly out of retirement as 2013 Red Bull Basketball Champions for Beijing and went to the China Finals for Red Bull the same year. At a tender age of 44 years, Keane averaged 14 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists throughout the campaign. Side Notes: From an International perspective, Keane is an Honorary Advisor to 3 different Basketball Boards in 3 different countries; In Canada,China and Spain. Keane had also worked with the Canadian Children's Aid Society as a Foster Parent after retiring from playing. Keane has integrated 10 boys back to their perspective homes within a 5-year period. Keane still serves as a Children Advocate to the dozens of children he influenced globally and continues to work on the behalf of Children Needs worldwide. Keane recently started a new path on August 12, 2015 continuing his storied career by being voted concensusly by his constituents, Honorary CEO of Matik Media Enterprises Magazine which is an online Entrepreneurs Boutique that is the voice of "Successful Millenials" that was created by his Advisor Maurice Julien & Vice President Yusuf Abubakar.

Keane is the son of Patricia Francis-Keane and Leroy Keane. Keane's Mother Patricia was an instrumental figure in his life growing up and continues to guide him through the Church. Keane's Mothers family were devout figures in the Church and was the primary influence in Keane's walk with his relationship with God. Keane's father Leroy Keane was a member of the Jamaican National Track Team as well as an All American at The University of Nebraska. Keane's father was awarded the Harriet Tubman Award for his contributions and service to his community...and also was awarded the Jamaican Canadian prestigious award for helping over 100 kids in getting scholarships in Canada and the United States. A pioneer in Track & Field in Jamaica and Canada, Keane's father was an Educator for children globally. Also was the son of Dr. Isaac M. Keane who was one of the first Black Dental Practitioner in Massachusetts (USA) in the early 1920. As well as Keane's Uncle Dr. Basil Keane who was an Actor, Civil Servant besides achieving the dubious honor in being indoctrinated in the book: "Who Is Who In Black America". The Keane family service to society lives on.