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Mathew is a masculine given name, a variant of Matthew, and a surname.

Given name[edit]

Gender Male
Other names
Alternative spelling Matthew
Nickname(s) Mat

Notable people with the given name include:

  • Mat Erpelding (born 1975), American politician
  • Mat Kearney (born 1978), American singer-songwriter and musician
  • Mat Latos (born 1987), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Mat Mendenhall (born 1957), American former National Football League player
  • Mat Osman (born 1967), English musician, bassist of the rock band Suede
  • Mathew Pitsch (born c. 1963), American businessman and politician
  • Mathew Ryan (born 1992), Australian footballer
  • Mathew Thompson (born 1982), Australian sports commentator and television presenter


Family name
Related names Mathews

Notable people with the surname include:

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See also[edit]