May Inlet

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May Inlet
Location Sir William Parker Strait
Coordinates 76°15′N 100°45′W / 76.250°N 100.750°W / 76.250; -100.750 (May Inlet)Coordinates: 76°15′N 100°45′W / 76.250°N 100.750°W / 76.250; -100.750 (May Inlet)
Basin countries Canada
Settlements Uninhabited

May Inlet is an Arctic waterway in Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is a natural bay in Sir William Parker Strait by northern Bathurst Island.


Notable landforms include: Grant Point to the west; Dundee Bight to the south; Palmer Point, Stuart Bay, and Purcell Bay to the east; and several unnamed islands within the bay. Helena Island is to the north, outside the bay's mouth.