Boatswain Bay

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Boatswain Bay
Location Eastward from James Bay
Coordinates 51°49′48″N 078°52′12″W / 51.83000°N 78.87000°W / 51.83000; -78.87000 (Boatswain Bay)Coordinates: 51°49′48″N 078°52′12″W / 51.83000°N 78.87000°W / 51.83000; -78.87000 (Boatswain Bay)
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 197 km2 (76 sq mi)
Settlements Uninhabited

Boatswain Bay is an uninhabited waterway in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. It extends eastward from James Bay into the headland, a part of Quebec.


Characterized by salt marshes, brackish marshes, open sea, and inlet habitats, the bay stretches 197 km2 (76 sq mi), with an elevation ranging up to 5 m (16 ft) above sea level.


Boatswain Bay has been designated as a migratory bird sanctuary, a Canadian Important Bird Area (#NU097), a Biodiversity Reserve, and a Key Migratory Bird Terrestrial Habitat site.[1][2]


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