Rosse Bay

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Rosse Bay
Location Nares Strait
Coordinates 78°40′N 74°34′W / 78.66°N 74.57°W / 78.66; -74.57 (Rosse Bay)Coordinates: 78°40′N 74°34′W / 78.66°N 74.57°W / 78.66; -74.57 (Rosse Bay)
Basin countries Canada
Settlements Uninhabited

Rosse Bay is an Arctic waterway in Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located in Nares Strait between Pim Island and Ellesmere Island's Johan Peninsula. The bay is also connected to Rice Strait.


Physical characteristics include a gravel and sand moraine ridge on its southwestern shore.[1] There are also tidewater glaciers. The main dischanrge of Lefferts Glacier is into Rosse Bay.[2]


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