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TTC - Line 3 - Scarborough RT line.svg
McCowan Station - TTC.jpg
Location 1275 McCowan Road
Toronto, Ontario
Coordinates 43°46′29.7″N 79°15′06″W / 43.774917°N 79.25167°W / 43.774917; -79.25167Coordinates: 43°46′29.7″N 79°15′06″W / 43.774917°N 79.25167°W / 43.774917; -79.25167
Platforms side platforms
Tracks 2
Structure type elevated
Disabled access No
Opened 22 March 1985
Passengers (2015[1]) 4,620
Preceding station   TTC   Following station
toward Kennedy
TTC - Line 3 - Scarborough RT line.svg Scarborough Terminus

McCowan is a terminal station on the Scarborough RT line of the Toronto subway and RT. It is located at 1275 McCowan Road, just north of Ellesmere Road at Bushby Drive/Town Centre Court.

Both of the surface routes that pass the McCowan station also stop at Scarborough Centre station, located almost directly across McCowan Road, effectively leaving McCowan as a dead-end in the system.

The station is on three levels, the Scarborough RT is on the upper floor, the automatic entrance from the Consilium Place office complex via the Pedway pedestrian walkway is on the second floor, and the station entrance from McCowan Road with the collector, and the concourse are on the lower floor.

A 2006 TTC staff report that recommended that the RT be upgraded using new-generation vehicles noted that the replacement of the RT by an extension of the Bloor–Danforth line would involve the elimination of this station.[2]

Rapid transit infrastructure in the vicinity[edit]

McCowan Station is the terminus station of the Scarborough Rapid Transit line. Further east is the TTC McCowan RT Yard (completed in 1983), which stores the line's trains when they are not in service and can perform basic maintenance. For more complicated work, however, they are carried to the larger Greenwood Yard, which must be done by truck since there is no direct track connection. (see TTC yards, garages, and facilities)

There is a double crossover before the station entrance, but only one side of the station is in use. In earlier years both platforms were used for line-end and westbound trains, but the double-crossover allows eastbound trains to cross over to the westbound platform, making for a more efficient system. The eastbound track is used when taking trains out of service. This allows the operator to ensure that the train will empty and no one will board before bringing the train to McCowan Yard.

Surface connections[edit]

A transfer is required to connect between the subway system and these surface routes:

38B west to Scarborough Centre Station, east to University of Toronto Scarborough
129B McCowan North south to Scarborough Centre Station, north to Steeles Avenue
130B south to Scarborough Centre Station, north to Steeles Avenue via Maybrook Drive
134B south to Scarborough Centre Station, north to McNicoll Avenue
134C south to Scarborough Centre Station, east to Centennial College
169B east to Scarborough Centre Station, west to Don Mills Station


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