Meadowbrook High School, Jamaica

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Meadowbrook High School
Meadowbrook High School Logo.png
Meadowbrook High School is located in Jamaica
Meadowbrook High School
Meadowbrook High School
2 Meadowbrook Avenue

Coordinates18°02′52″N 76°48′51″W / 18.0476949°N 76.8141049°W / 18.0476949; -76.8141049Coordinates: 18°02′52″N 76°48′51″W / 18.0476949°N 76.8141049°W / 18.0476949; -76.8141049
MottoIta Splendeat Lux Vestra
(Let Your Light So Shine)
FoundedMarch 13, 1958 (1958-03-13)
OpenedSeptember 16, 1958 (1958-09-16)
FoundersReverend Henry Ward, Reverend William McGhie, and Reverend Margaret 'Madge' Saunders
PrincipalMichael Peart
Number of pupils1400
Hours in school day07:45 - 02:40
Campus typeSuburban
Houses     Saunders
Colour(s)Blue, Green
  • "As We Glorify Our Father"
  • "We build our school on thee, O lord"
AccreditationMinistry of Education, Jamaica

Meadowbrook High School is a government-aided learning institution located in the suburbs of Kingston, Jamaica. It is co-educational, first-to-sixth form, secondary school located in the community of Meadowbrook in the parish of St. Andrew. It was founded on March 13, 1958 by the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

Achievement of Staff Spanish Teacher of the Year 2013 -Errol Haughton Publication of novels -Coleen Smith-Dennis


The school offers a broad educational curriculum which encompasses academics, vocational training, sports, and various clubs and societies


The school's four houses are named after individuals who were instrumental in the founding of the institution. They are:

  • Ward: (Red) Rt. Rev. Henry Ward - Co-Founder and former Moderator of United Church in Jamaica and Cayman Islands
  • Saunders: (Green) Rev. Margaret 'Madge' Saunders - Co Founder
  • Gartshore: (Blue) Ms. Margaret Gartshore - First substantive principal
  • Rothnie: (Yellow) Rev. Dr. Douglas A. Rothnie - Moderator and Clerk of Synod of United Church in Jamaica and Cayman Islands

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Clubs and societies that students of Meadowbrook High School are involved in include: Key Club, 4-H Club, Jamaica Combined Cadet Force, Inter School Christian Fellowship, Netball, Debate, Girl Guides, Quiz Club, Environmental, Sign Language, Cheer Leading, D-Math Club,Chess club, The Aviation Club of Jamaica and Science Club. Meadowbrook High School has particular interest in the sports of volleyball, cheer leading, football, basketball, netball, track & field, cricket, softball and table tennis.


The Black Watch tartan
pattern used in Meadowbrook girls' uniform

The Black Watch tartan, also known as the "Government sett", or the Campbell tartan. The tartan was used, and is in current use, by several military units throughout the Commonwealth.[1]

  • As is the case with Jamaican public schools, uniform is worn by all students. For girls this is a tunic with the Black Watch tartan with a white blouse, and for boys khaki pants and shirt, with the school's crest.
  • Female sixth-form students wear a variant of the tunic, with the Black Watch tartan included. Male sixth form student wear a white shirt and a tie of the school's colours as their uniform.
  • The tartan was chosen by Rev William McGhie as a link between his Scottish homeland and Jamaica and to symbolise the school's solidarity with the Presbyterian Church (Church of Scotland), which would later be amalgamated with the Congregational Union of Jamaica and The Disciples of Christ to form the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

School crest[edit]

The school's crest consists of two concentric circles, within which the school's motto is displayed in Latin. The school's motto surrounds the school's symbol, a golden star. The star, represents the potential of every individual to harness their individual talent and 'shine', thus making a contribution to the society in which they live. The crest design and motto was introduced as the school badge by Rev William McGhie who was the Deputy Headmaster of Meadowbrook High School. The badge was a copy of the school badge of Eastbank Academy in Glasgow, Scotland which was Rev McGhie's had attended. Permission to use the badge was sought by Rev McGhie, and was given by the school authorities.

The school motto is derived from Matthew 5:16:


Let your light so shine before men,
that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.


Ita splendeat lux vestra coram hominibus,
ut videant vestra bona opera,
et glorificent partrem vestrum qui in ccelis.


  • First high school to enter a visually impaired student in the TVJ School's Challenge Quiz Competition.[2]
  • First high school to recruit female cadets for the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force (in 1980).[3]
  • First high school to have a female cadet achieve the rank of Warrant Officer Class Two, in 2008. The rank was previously held by males only.

(Jamaica Combined Cadet Force was founded in November 1943 as an all-male civic movement)[4]

  • First high school to have an aviation club through Club Aviation Jamaica.[5]


Name Year
Rev. D. A. Rothniee 1958 (Acting)
Margaret Gartshore 1958–1960
T.M. Whitmarsh-Knight 1960–1963
Donald Bogle


Warren Thorpe 1967–1979
Carlotta McLennon 1979–1988
Dr. Margaret Morris 1988–1995
I. P. Headlam 1995–1996 (Acting)
Alice Lowe 1996–2003
Winsome Reid 2004–2011
Michael Peart 2011–Present

School Song[edit]

Verse 1:
We build our foundation sure and strong
on truth and love, bulwarks 'gainst all wrong,
on hard work and exemplary behaviour.
as we glorify our father
O Meadowbrook, we hail thee now
Your sons and daughters here
We seek to make our lights so shine, in service true to all mankind
Holding the flag of honour high, as we glorify our father
Verse 2:
The meadow and the brook once claimed the sphere
Resound with human voices in the air
Scholastic disciplines find their place
as we glorify our father
(Repeat refrain)
Verse 3:
The daily round of worship, signs the ark,
the music , social studies play their part
preparing us our place in life to take,
as we glorify our father
(Repeat refrain)
Verse 4:
Thank God for parents, friends, good teachers
who daily sacrifice to make us fit partakers of the light
and help us to serve each other, as we glorify our father
(Repeat refrain)

Notable Past Students[edit]

Rhodes Scholars
  • 1987 Creightney, Cavelle (Nuffield) Educ. Meadowbrook High School; M. Phil. In Economics..
  • 1989 Wright, Andrea (Templeton). Educ. Meadowbrook High School; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1st Cl. Hons. Computer Science. D. Phil. in Management Studies.

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