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Alpha Boys' School

Coordinates: 17°58′37″N 76°46′53″W / 17.9770187°N 76.7813712°W / 17.9770187; -76.7813712
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Alpha Boys' School
26 South Camp Road

Coordinates17°58′37″N 76°46′53″W / 17.9770187°N 76.7813712°W / 17.9770187; -76.7813712
MottoUpward and Onward
Religious affiliation(s)Christian
DenominationRoman Catholic

Alpha Cottage School (often referred to as Alpha Boys' School, Convent of Mercy "Alpha" Academy and now called Alpha Institute) was the name of the vocational residential school on South Camp Road in Kingston, Jamaica, still run by Roman Catholic nuns. Established in 1880 as a "school for wayward boys", it became renowned for both the discipline it instilled in its pupils and the outstanding musical tuition they received.[1][2] In 2014 Alpha's residence closed and the school continued as Alpha Institute to focus on educational and vocational training for inner city unattached youth.[3]

School band[edit]

The school band was formed in 1892. It was originally a drum and fife corps, and later a brass band, following the gift of brass instruments from the Roman Catholic Bishop of Jamaica.[1][4] The school has been credited with influencing the development of ska and reggae.[5] Its music instructors have included Lennie Hibbert, Ruben Delgado and Sparrow Martin.

Sister Mary Ignatius Davies, an alumnus of the Alpha Academy next door, is recognized as a factor in the strength of Alpha's program and that of Jamaican music more broadly.[6]

The Alpha Alumni Ensemble is composed of former students of the school who are now professional musicians.[7]

Alpha self help programs[edit]

The school has a long history with trying to be self-sufficient. Older trades such as tile making, tailoring and farming had a direct impact on sustaining the school, were part of the vocational culture of the school and opportunities to work.[8] Self-help now includes wood working, screen printing, digital print services and music performance.[9]

In April 2013, Alpha Boys' School launched a new clothing project to support the school with two tee shirt designs by Michael Thompson (aka Freestylee: Artist Without Borders) and equipment provided by Digicel Jamaica.[10] Alpha's tee shirts include designs for the Jamaica Sound System Federation & Active fashion India.

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable alumni, all musicians, include:

Alpha Boys' School Radio[edit]

Alpha Boys' School Radio [15] is the school's 24/7 online radio station. Featuring music performed by Alpha's alumni, including jazz stalwarts of the 1950s and 1960s like Joe Harriott and Dizzy Reece, ska pioneers the Skatalites, Cedric 'Im' Brooks and Rico Rodriguez; Vin Gordon; Leroy Smart and Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace; and Winston 'Yellowman' Foster.[16] Every February, Alpha Boys' School Radio hosts the Reggae Auction to benefit social services for Alpha students.[17]


In November 2017, authors Heather Augustyn and Adam Reeves published their book, Alpha Boys' School: Cradle of Jamaican Music, from Half Pint Press. The book chronicles over 40 musicians who attended the school and contains interviews and photographs of many of the alumni.[18]


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