Holy Childhood High

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Holy Childhood High School

9 Skio Avenue Kingston 10, Jamaica
Kingston, Jamaica


Holy Childhood High is located in Jamaica
Holy Childhood High
Holy Childhood High
Coordinates 18°00′27″N 76°47′54″W / 18.00746°N 76.79820°W / 18.00746; -76.79820Coordinates: 18°00′27″N 76°47′54″W / 18.00746°N 76.79820°W / 18.00746; -76.79820
Motto "Post Proleium Praemium"
Religious affiliation(s) christian
Denomination catholic
Founded 1929
Founder Franciscan Missionary Sisters
Status Open
Head of school Sr. Maxine Marie Mcintosh
Grades 7-13
Gender Female
Number of students 1700+
Language English, Jamaican English
School colour(s) Blue and Gold
Song "Let Us Now In Youth Rejoice"
Yearbook "The Shield"
Alumni Sarah Newland, Paula-Ann Porter

Holy Childhood High is an all-girl Catholic school in Kingston, Jamaica.

The school was named after the Child Jesus, and was founded and owned by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of our Lady of Perpetual Help (FMS) in Jamaica. Holy Childhood High begun as a private school in 1937 with 8 pupils (3 boys 5 girls the boys were later sent to St. Georges college) who were housed in a building near where the Holy Cross Rectory is situated. Today the school is located at 9 Skibo Avenue Kingston 10, Jamaica, West Indies. It receives financial assistance from the Government, which makes it a grant-in-aid school. The student population stands at over 1,700, as of 2010. In addition the Holy Childhood Institute, a private institution operated by the FMS, caters for approximately 300 students. Both the high school and the institute are accommodated on approximately 7 acres (28,000 m2) of land which provide space for a playing field, blocks of buildings containing classrooms, laboratories-science and language, a library, areas for Home Economics, Music and two tennis courts and a multipurpose hall-Stephanie Hall, named for a past headmistress Sr. Stephanie Grey, FMS, who served as headmistress from 1966-1996.

The school's emblem is a shield, embedded on which is the motto, "AFTER THE BATTLE THE REWARD". The colours of the emblem are blue and gold.

Holy Childhood High School is operated under the regulations of the Ministry of Education in Jamaica.

Notable alumni[edit]


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