Mellons Bay

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Mellons Bay
Basic information
Local authorityAuckland
SoutheastCockle Bay (2.1 km)
SouthHowick (1.2 km)
SouthwestHighland Park (2.6 km)
WestHalf Moon Bay (2.3 km)
NorthwestEastern Beach (2.2 km)

Mellons Bay is an Auckland suburb.

According to the 2001 census, Mellons Bay has a population of 2871. Mellons Bay is south of Eastern Beach and north of Howick. It consists of two ridges joined by a wide steep gully facing east. It has a small beach.

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Coordinates: 36°53′11″S 174°55′42″E / 36.886461°S 174.928342°E / -36.886461; 174.928342