Merger of Paris Métro lines 3bis and 7bis

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Merger of Paris Métro
lines 3bis and 7bis
Paris Métro Line 7 RERRER E
Louis Blanc
Paris Métro Line 7
Paris Métro Line 2Paris Métro Line 5
Buttes Chaumont
Place des Fêtes
Paris Métro Line 11
Pré Saint-Gervais
Tramways in Île-de-FranceÎle-de-France tramway Line 3b
Voie des fêtes
(Holiday line)
│ 2:
Voie Navette
(Shuttle Line)
Porte des Lilas – Cinema
Paris Métro Line 11
Paris Métro Line 3
Stations on the projected new line.

The merger of Paris Métro line 3bis and line 7bis is projected to create a new line of the Paris Métro, from the Château Landon station to the Gambetta station.[1]

History of the lines 3bis and 7bis[edit]

Detailed map of ways on line 7bis around the Pré Saint-Gervais station and the ghost station Haxo, and on lines 3bis and 11 around the Porte des Lilas station.
  • 18 January 1911 : a new segment Louis BlancPré Saint-Gervais was opened and extended line 7 as its northern branch.
  • 27 November 1921 : a new segment GambettaPorte des Lilas extended line 3.
  • 1921–1939 and 1952–1956 : two rail tunnels were temporarily opened to extend line 7 to Porte des Lilas (via voie navette and voie des Fêtes[2]) between Porte des Lilas and Pré Saint-Gervais; however in the end the voie des Fêtes was never used and the station called Haxo was never opened to the public (and is thus one of the famous "ghost stations" of the Paris Metro). The voie navette was also closed to passenger traffic and the southern branch of line 7 (later called 7bis) currently terminates in an anticlockwise loop to Pré Saint-Gervais instead of Porte des Lilas.
  • 3 December 1967 : due to the very unbalanced traffic between the two branches of line 7, the southern branch Louis BlancPré Saint-Gervais was isolated and became an independent line, the line 7bis.
  • 2 April 1971 : when the line 3 was extended eastward to Gallieni, its previous final segment to the north, GambettaPorte des Lilas was isolated and serviced by a short shuttle, the line 3bis.

The projected new line[edit]

Part of Paris Métro map with lines 3bis and 7bis merged into a new line.

It would result from the merger of:

  • line 3bis which currently links the Gambetta station (where it branches from line 3) to the Porte des Lilas station, on the south-eastern (South to North) part of the new line;
  • line 7bis which currently performs an anticlockwise loop on its eastern end from the Botzaris station to its terminus in the Pré Saint-Gervais station, via Place des Fêtes station (but avoiding the closed station called Haxo), and would link them to the current western terminus at Louis Blanc station, on the northwestern (East to West) part of the new line.

These two lines would be connected through an existing rail tunnel, la voie navette[2] (currently used only for very limited technical servicing), between the Porte des Lilas station and the Pré Saint-Gervais station, to which it would be connected from the Place des Fêtes station by a short rail tunnel, la voie des Fêtes[2] (currently used and blocked by maintenance facilities), possibly by finally opening to the public the ghost station Haxo (but only in one direction) whose surface accesses would first need to be built, and by reopening to the traffic of the secondary station Porte des Lilas – Cinéma.[3]

The line 7bis would be also extended one station to the west, to have its terminus in Château Landon (for easing its interconnection with RER E in the Magenta station, which would allow access to the Gare de l'Est and the Gare du Nord via existing pedestrian links). Therefore, the Louis Blanc station would no longer be the western terminus of the line; however, it would require the creation of a new tunnel and extensive works (and thus this extension could be finalized after the opening of the new line). For now, this last segment is used by the existing line 7 connection.

It was originally speculated that the new line would be given the designation of Line 15. However, since the revision of the Grand Paris Express plan, the merged line would likely be given the designation of Line 19.

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