Metal Morph

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Metal Morph
Cover art
Developer(s) Origin Systems[1]
Publisher(s) FCI, Inc.
Designer(s) Axel Brown
Billy Joe Cain
Chuck Zoch
Eric Brown
Julian Alden‑Salter
Composer(s) Alistair Hirst[1]
Platform(s) Super NES
  • NA: December 1994
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Run and gun
Mode(s) Single-player

Metal Morph is a video game developed by Origin Systems and published by FCI, Inc. for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


In the year 2214, Earth has made contact with another dimension, known as Otherside. As their ambassador, they choose to send the Metal Morph, a being made from living metal, as he is the only being that can survive the inter-dimensional travel.[1] The people of Earth have created a Hypergate, which links the two galaxies together.[1] Upon arriving at the alien destination, the Metal Morph is quickly ambushed and is taken to an alien laboratory for study so that they can travel through the Hypergate themselves.[1] The Metal Morph quickly escapes and begins to get back to his sabotaged ship...[1]


The gameplay alternates between run and gun and scrolling shooter (playing as a space ship). Both the player character and his space ship are able to use MetalMorphosis (a transformation ability) to navigate certain areas. The player must retrieve missing pieces of the ship, while simultaneously fending off aliens who desire the secret of MetalMorphosis.


GamePro gave the game a positive review, commenting that the game's two play styles complement each other, the controls are responsive and accurate, the graphics are attractive, and the music and sound effects suit the game's tone. However, they concluded that buying the game is pointless, since the game's level select and non-randomized levels allow the player to see everything the game has to offer on a single rental.[2]


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