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Michael Loren "Fuzzy" Mauldin (/ˈmɔːldən/) is the founder and chief scientist of the Lycos Internet search engine company.[1][2] He developed the Lycos Search Engine while working on the Informedia Digital Library project at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also director of Conversive, Inc. an Artificial Intelligence Software company based in Malibu, California.

Education and research[edit]

He received his bachelor's degree from Rice University in 1981. From Carnegie Mellon University, he received his master's degree in 1983 and his Ph.D. in 1989. His Ph.D. advisor was Dr. Jaime Carbonell.

Dr. Mauldin has written two books, ten refereed papers and several technical reports on natural language, autonomous information agents, information retrieval and expert systems. He is also one of the authors of Rog-O-Matic and Julia (a Turing test competitor in the Loebner Prize).

The Verbot program is based on Dr. Mauldin's early work in natural language processing and Chatterbots.

He is an active competitor in the Robot Fighting League and has been involved with Robot Combat for over a decade.


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