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A bottle of Midori

Midori is a sweet, bright-green-coloured, muskmelon-flavored liqueur made by Suntory. It is manufactured in Japan, USA, Mexico, and France, although it was made exclusively in Japan until 1987. Midori is usually 20–21% alcohol by volume. Its name is the Japanese word for "green". French-made Midori is sweeter than the original Japanese version.

As it is extremely sweet, Midori is not usually taken "straight"; it is generally used in a mixed drink (i.e., a cocktail), such as a Japanese slipper. It is usually used in a range of long drinks – with lemonade, fresh lemon juice, lime juice, pineapple juice, or orange juice. Sour flavours are often combined with it to balance its sweetness.


Midori was launched in 1978, with a party held at New York City's legendary Studio 54.[1]


From 2011 to early 2013, Kim Kardashian endorsed Midori.[2] In May 2013, it was announced that actress Candice Accola would be replacing Kardashian as the brand's spokes-model, with George Kotsiopoulos as the new campaign's stylist.[3]

In popular culture[edit]

Midori is known in Scotland for being mentioned in the comedy Still Game, in which the character "Big Innes" has violent reactions whenever he drinks the liqueur (Series 3, Episode 4).[4][not in citation given]

Referenced in "The Office" when Josh from Stamford says to Jim, "A shot of Midori perhaps?" As an inside joke, to which Michael and Dwight laugh, not understanding why. Season 3, Ep. 2 "The Convention"

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