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Mike Viola

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Mike Viola
Viola at a thrift store
Viola at a thrift store
Background information
Birth nameMichael A. Viola
Born (1966-09-26) September 26, 1966 (age 57)
Stoughton, Massachusetts, U.S.[1]
  • Songwriter
  • producer
  • musician
  • singer
  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • piano
  • bass
Years active1985–present
Member ofCandy Butchers
Formerly ofThe Shining

Michael A. Viola (born September 26, 1966) is an American producer, musician, songwriter, and singer, best known for his work with Panic! at the Disco, Andrew Bird, Ryan Adams, J.S. Ondara, Mandy Moore, and Jenny Lewis.[2][3][4] His original music has been featured on soundtracks for movies such as That Thing You Do!, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and Get Him to the Greek.

Viola got his start in the mid-1990s as the musical architect for New York–based band Candy Butchers, releasing three critically acclaimed albums with RPM/Sony Records before focusing on music production.[5]

Soundtrack work[edit]

Viola, along with friend Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, co-produced the title track for Tom Hanks's 1996 movie That Thing You Do! The selection received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. Viola sang lead on the track, and as the accepted singing voice of Johnathon Schaech's character, Jimmy, also sang on other tracks in the film, such as "Little Wild One" and "All My Only Dreams."

For the 2007 Jake Kasdan/Judd Apatow film, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Viola wrote or co-wrote "A Life Without You (Is No Life at All)", "Darling", "(I Hate You) Big Daddy", "Dear Mr. President", "Beautiful Ride", "Sir Ringe The Marshmallow Elephant", and "Let Me Hold You Little Man". Viola served as musical director on a promotional tour for the film in December 2007, with John C. Reilly acting out his fictional character of Dewey Cox.

Viola also contributed songwriting for Russell Brand's character Aldous Snow in the 2010 film Get Him to the Greek, including "African Child", "The Clap", "I Am Jesus", "Searching For a Father in America", "Little Bird", "Furry Walls". In 2012, he played the character of Franky in two promotional songs for the video game Club Penguin, "Anchors Aweigh" and "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance".[6]

As songwriter, musician or producer[edit]

Year Artist Label Song Album Role
2022 Panic! at the Disco Fueled by Ramen All songs Viva Las Vengeance Producer, musician, singer, writer[7]
Vulfmon Vulf Records Let's Go! Let's Go! Here We Go Jack Singer, writer[8]
J.S. Ondara Verve Forecast All songs Tax Code 1: Telepathy Of a Mammoth Producer[7]
Andrew Bird Loma Vista All songs Inside Problems Producer, musician, singer[7]
Mandy Moore Verve Forecast All songs In Real Life Producer, musician, singer, writer[7]
Noam Weinstein All songs Undivorceable Producer, musician, singer[9]
2021 Andrew Bird, Jimbo Mathus All songs These 13 Producer, musician, singer[7]
Andrew Bird "Greenwine" Hark! Producer[7]
Semisonic "Basement Tapes" You're Not Alone Songwriter[7]
Allie Crow Buckley All songs Moonlit and Devious Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
2020 Mandy Moore "I'd Rather Lose", "Save A Little For Yourself", "Fifteen", "Tryin' My Best, Los Angeles", "Easy Target", "When I Wasn't Watching", "Forgiveness", "Stories Reminding Myself of Me", "If That's What It Takes", "Silver Landings" Silver Landings Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
Watkins Family Hour "The Cure", "Neighborhood Name", "Just Another Reason", "Snow Tunnel", "Lafayette", "Fake Badge, Real Gun", "Miles of Desert Sand", "Bella and Ivan", "Accidentally Like a Martyr", "Keep It Clean" Brother Sister Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
2019 Mandy Moore "When I Wasn't Watching" When I Wasn't Watching (single) Songwriter, musician, producer, engineer[7]
Andrew Bird "Archipelago" My Finest Work Yet Musician[7]
Jonathan Rice "The Long Game", "Silver Song", "Hollow Jubilee", "Meet the Mother", "Naked in the Lake", "Below the Deck", "Another Cold One", "Change", "Millions of Miles", "Friends" So Romantic (EP) Musician, producer[7]
Allie Crow Buckley All songs So Romantic Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
Allie Crow Buckley "As I Walk Into the Sea", "Cusco", "Cherry Stems", "Captive", "Fool Around", "Changes" So Romantic (EP) Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
2018 J.S. Ondara "American Dream", "Torch Song", "Saying Goodbye", "Days of Insanity", "Television Girl", "Turkish Bandana", "Lebanon", "Good Question", "Master O'Connor", "Give Me A Moment", "God Bless America", "Saying Goodbye – Boulevard Demo", "Torch Song – Echo Park", "Milk and Honey", "Hearts Of Gold", "I'm Afraid Of Americans" Tales Of America Musician, producer, engineer[7]
Van William "Before I Found You", "The Country", "You'll Be On My Mind" Countries Songwriter[7]
Vulfpeck "For Survival" Hill Climber Musician; Songwriter[10]
2017 Dan Wilson All songs Re-Covered Producer, musician, singer[7]
Shania Twain "Life's About To Get Good" Now (Deluxe) Musician[7]
Ryan Adams "Prisoner", "Do You Still Love Me" Prisoner Songwriter; musician[11]
WATERS "Molly is a Babe," "Something More," "Modern Dilemma" Something More! Songwriter, musician, producer
2016 Panic! at the Disco "Victorious" Death of a Bachelor Songwriter[7]
LOLO "No Time For Lonely" In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit" Songwriter[7]
MAX "Hell's Kitchen Angel," "Mug Shot" ft. Sirah Hell's Kitchen Angel Songwriter
The Monkees Good Times! Musician[7]
Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones All songs Little Windows Producer, musician[7]
2015 Matt Nathanson "Gold in the Summertime", "Show Me Your Fangs" Show Me Your Fangs Songwriter
Butch Walker All songs Afraid of Ghosts Musician[7]
New Politics "Pretend We're in a Movie" Vikings Songwriter[7]
Andrew McMahon "High Dive," "Black & White Movies," "Driving Through A Dream," "Halls" "Rainy Girl," "Maps for the Getaway," "Lottery Ticket," "Art School Girlfriend," "Cecilia and the Satellite" Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Songwriter, producer, engineer[12]
Ryan Adams "Magic Flag" Vampires 7" Songwriter, musician[12]
2014 Ryan Adams "Gimme Something Good", "Kim," "Trouble," "Am I Safe," "My Wrecking Ball," "Stay with Me," "Shadows," "Feels Like Fire," "I Just Might," "Tired of Giving Up," "Let Go" Ryan Adams Producer, musician[12]
Matt Nathanson "Earthquake Weather," "Mission Bells," "Kinks Shirt," "Sky High Honey," "Kill The Lights," "Heart Starts" The Last of the Great Pretenders Songwriter, producer, musician, engineer[7]
Jenny Lewis The Voyager Producer, musician[7]
Brett Dennen "Out of My Head" Smoke and Mirrors Songwriter[12]
Jill Sobule All songs Dottie's Charms Songwriter, producer, musician[7]
2013 New Politics "Harlem" A Bad Girl in Harlem Songwriter[7]
Fall Out Boy Pax Am Days Producer[12]
Lori McKenna "Love Can Put It Back Together" Songwriter[7]
2012 Karise Eden "You Won't Let Me" My Journey Songwriter[citation needed]
Rachael Yamagata "Heavyweight" Heavyweight (EP) Songwriter, musician[7]
Noam Weinstein Clocked Producer, musician[13]
2011 Will Dailey and the Rivals "Best Friend" Will Dailey and the Rivals Songwriter[7]
Rachael Yamagata "You Won't Let Me," "Dealbreaker," "I Don't Want to Be Your Mother" Chesapeake Songwriter, musician[7]
"I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" Muppets: The Green Album Producer, musician[12]
Gin Wigmore "Dirty Love" Gravel and Wine Songwriter[12]
2010 Jeremy Fisher "All We Want is Love" Flood Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
Infant Sorrow "Furry Walls", "The Clap", "I Am Jesus", "African Child (Trapped in Me)", "Little Bird", "Searching For a Father" Get Him to the Greek soundtrack Songwriter, musician[12]
2009 Mandy Moore "Merrimack River," "Fern Dell," "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week," "Pocket Philosopher," "Song About Home," "Love To Love Me Back," "Indian Summer," "Nothing Everything," "Bug" Amanda Leigh Songwriter, producer, musician[12]
John Wesley Harding "Love Or Nothing," "Sick Organism," "Congratulations (On Your Hallucinations)" Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead Songwriter, musician[12]
2008 Tim Christensen "Superior" Superior Songwriter[12]
2007 Dewey Cox "A Life Without You (Is No Life at All)", "Beautiful Ride", "Dear Mr. President", "Mulatto Song", "Let Me Hold You Little Man", "I Hate You (Big Daddy)", "Darling", "Hole in My Pants", "Who Wants To Party", "Weeping on the Inside" Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story soundtrack Songwriter[12]
2006 L.E.O. "Distracted", "Make Me" Alpacas Orgling Songwriter, musician[14]
2004 The Figgs Palais Musician[7]
2003 Rasputina "Bad Moon Rising", "Wish You Were Here", "Tourniquette", "Fire and Ice", "This Little Piggy", "All Tomorrow's Parties", "Rock N Roll" The Lost and Found Musician, producer[12]
2002 The Figgs Slow Charm Musician[7]
1998 Rasputina "The Olde HeadBoard" How We Quit The Forest Musician[7]
1996 Mono Puff Unsupervised Musician[7]
The Wonders "That Thing You Do" That Thing You Do! soundtrack Producer, musician[7]


Year Artist Album Role
1996 Candy Butchers Live at La Bonboniere (EP) Songwriter, producer, musician[12]
1999 Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers Let's Get Serious (EP) Songwriter, musician, producer[12]
1999 Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers Let's Get Christmas (EP) Songwriter, musician, producer[12]
1999 Candy Butchers Falling into Place Songwriter, musician, producer[12]
2001 Mike Viola Temple of Static Songwriter, musician, producer[12]
2002 Candy Butchers Play with Your Head Songwriter, musician, producer[12]
2004 Candy Butchers Hang On Mike Songwriter, musician producer[12]
2005 Mike Viola Just Before Dark Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
2006 Candy Butchers Making up time (Candy Butchers 1994 – 1996) Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
2007 Mike Viola Lurch Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
2010 Mike Viola & Kelly Jones Melon Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
2011 Mike Viola Electro De Perfecto" Songwriter, musician, producer[7]
2011 Mike Viola 2011 Primer (Collection) Songwriter, musician, producer[15]
2012 Mike Viola Acousto De Perfecto Songwriter, musician, producer[15]
2013 Mike Viola Ghoul Songwriter, musician, producer[15]
2015 Mike Viola Stairway to Paradise (EP) Songwriter, musician
2018 Mike Viola The American Egypt Songwriter, musician, producer, engineer
2018 Mike Viola Here We Go, It's Christmas Time (EP) Songwriter, musician, producer, engineer
2018 Mike Viola Bitten and Cursed (EP) Songwriter, musician, producer, engineer
2020 Mike Viola Godmuffin Songwriter, musician, producer, engineer
2023 Mike Viola Paul McCarthy [16] Songwriter, musician, producer, engineer


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