Million Yen Women

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Million Yen Women
Million Yen Women Vol 1.jpg
Cover of the first manga volume
(Hyaku Man En No Onna-tachi)
GenreMystery, romantic comedy
Written byShunju Aono
Published byShogakukan
MagazineBig Comic Spirits
Original runNovember 16, 2015September 5, 2016
Television drama
Directed byMichihito Fujii
Written byYoshitatsu Yamada
Yoshimiko Murooka
Yuuya Nakazono
StudioTV Tokyo
Original networkNetflix
TV Tokyo
Original run April 7, 2017 (Netflix)
April 13, 2017 (TV Tokyo)
June 30, 2017 (TV Tokyo)
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Million Yen Women (100万円の女たち, 100 Manen no Onna-tachi) is a Japanese seinen mystery and romantic comedy manga by Shunju Aono, which began in Big Comic Spirits in 2015.[1] The series was adapted into a live-action TV drama in 2017 by Netflix and TV Tokyo co-production starring Yojiro Noda, lead vocalist of RADWIMPS.


Shin Michima is an unpopular novelist. He has lived with 5 mysterious women in the same house for half a year. Minami Shirakawa loves coffee. Hitomi Tsukamoto loves black tea, yoga and reading good books. Yuki Kobayashi is a polite woman and loves roasted green tea. Midori Suzumura is a high school student and loves acerola juice. Nanaka Seki loves drinking milk.

These 5 women pay Shin a million yen every month for rent and living expenses, about 30x higher than normal. They have rules in the house and questions about the women are banned.[2]


  • Shin Michima - 31 years old. Shin is a novelist struggling to produce a bestseller, often criticized by his literary rivals and the women in the household about his lack of good quality writing. His father is condemned on death row following the murder of three victims including Shin's mother, her lover, and a policeman who had arrived at the scene after they were killed. Shin receives daily accusatory messages on the fax machine from an anonymous sender.
  • Minami Shirakawa - 30 years old. A nudist at home who has a mysterious demeanor and occasionally violent tendencies. President of the ultra-luxury Call Girl Club. Minami refers to Shin as "Novel".
  • Hitomi Tsukamoto - 26 years old. Merry. Tea school. Usually does yoga every day. Hitomi is the daughter of influential novelist, Hibiki Ogie, who had passed away 11 years ago. She appears to be infatuated with Shin, often becoming frustrated when he does not pick up on her subtle hints.
  • Yuki Kobayashi - 24 years old. Silent. Basically stays in her room. Married to a wealthy elderly man for whom she was previously a maid.
  • Midori Suzumura - 17 years old high school girl. Wakes up first in the household. Midori was raised in an orphanage since her relinquishment by her parents at the age of three. As she got older, Midori took on part-time work to save for her independence from the orphanage and its unconventional rules. She had bought a lottery ticket and won one billion Yen prior to moving into the house.
  • Nanaka Seki - 20 years old. Very clumsy and loves drinking milk. As a famous actress, Nanaka began her career as a child.



Volume List[edit]

No.Japan release dateJapan ISBN
1 March 30, 2016[3]ISBN 978-4-09-187507-5
2 June 30, 2016[3]ISBN 978-4-09-187645-4
3 September 30, 2016[3]ISBN 978-4-09-187785-7
4 November 30, 2016[3]ISBN 978-4-09-189229-4

Live-Action Drama[edit]

The live-action drama stars Yojiro Noda, who is the lead vocalist of the rock band RADWIMPS, in his first television show.[4] Five beautiful but mysterious women move in with unsuccessful novelist Shin, who manages their odd household in exchange for a tidy monthly sum. The theme song is "漂う感情" (Drifting Emotions) by Kotringo.[5] The series aired on TV Tokyo and Netflix Japan from April to June 2017 and became available on Netflix US on August 15, 2017.[6]



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